The History and Design Evolution of the Mobile Phone Essay

  • History Of Mobile Phones

    Mobile phones (or at least the mobile devices we know today) are relatively new in the sense of how long they have been around. While a lot of mobile history dates back further the first real mobile phone was developed in 1908 when a US patent was issued to develop a wireless telephone in Kentucky. This would only be followed in the 1940s when engineers’ working for AT&T made them for mobile phone base stations. Mobile devices or in this case; phones, have certain classifications when it comes to describing them. Mobile devices from the era of when they were first developed are classified as 0G or Zero Generation whereas phones and such in our day of age are mostly 3G but we are slowly seeing more and more 4G phones. Despite the previous advances that have been achieved by AT&T and the US with its patent in Kentucky there is one man that is widely recognized as playing a major role in the history of mobile phones and devices alike. Around this time there had been handsets developed that could be used but would not be considered truly portable. Martin Cooper (born December 26, 1928) is widely revered due to his accomplishment of inventing the first mobile phone that was ideal for practical use. At the turn of the millennium the world was thrown into a technological whirlpool with TVs being made with flat screens, Sony Entertainment launched the first disk based gaming system, the iPod that revolutionized music downloading and mobile devices finally began to become a house…

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  • Three Different Types Of Cloud Computing

    the resources are managed in-house or by external providers. The features of a hybrid cloud are flexibility, security, and scalability. In addition, the community cloud shares by the organizations that belong to the same communities. These communities share similar software and hardware applications. It can be managed in-house or by external providers. The cloud computing has three service models and a lot of deployment models that need to be well selected for the right business purpose. It…

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  • Telephone Cell History

    From Bell to Cell: The History of the Telephone After Alexander Graham Bell successfully spoke the first words over an electric current to his assistant, Thomas Watson, in 1876, he wrote to his father about a future where “friends converse with each other without leaving home” (“The First Telephone Call”). Could he have imagined that the technology he developed would one day strip the restrictions of staying indoors, and open up a world where a friend could be on a beach in San Juan, Puerto…

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  • Impact Of Technology In The 21st Century

    21st Century Computers, and technology in general, have undergone tremendous changes since the turn of the 21st century. Computers went from blocky chunks of hardware, to sleek and streamlined laptops and handheld paper thin tablets, which have revolutionized education. Whereas mobile phones have also slimmed down, losing their keyboards and making every aspect of daily life more convenient, however have had caustic effects as a result. However, the advances in technology do not stop at devices…

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  • Google Chrome Essay

    updates across many devices, that information will be stores in the cloud. Cloud products and settings will need to be integrated into the operating system so that they can operate anywhere in the world. Storing personal settings from computer to mobile about someone’s personal preferences all relies on the cloud. Microsoft, Apple, and Google are starting to implement cloud technology into their operating systems and the design choices of their interfaces. When it comes the future of…

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  • Key Product Features And Qualities Of A Brand

    personality. A brand is a type of product that is made by a manufacturer and is given a specific name. Another word, a brand is a specific product or service that offered by a specific source. There are millions brands out there and most are trademarked, such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Cisco, etc. (McLaughlin, 2011). But one of the brands that many people may have not heard about is “BLU”. BLU is an innovative mobile device company that was founded in 2009. BLU designs and manufacturers attractive…

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  • The Importance Of Screens In The World

    mundane. Accordingly, technology has been adapted (rapidly over the last 70 or so years) to scratch this itch. From the birth of a network of computers being able to speak with one another in the 1950’s and 60’s to our modern day dependence on a “do it all” gadget the size of a wallet at our disposal at all times, our technology shapes us just as we shape it. In the wake of this constant evolution of questions and answers in the internet age, web sites, and by extension web designers and…

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  • Microsoft And Nokia Partnership Case Study

    Microsoft acquired Nokia. Currently, Microsoft is rightsizing the Nokia staff. The analysis will explore the forces leading to the partnership, each partner’s partnership objective, reasoning for the partnership, approach creating the partnership, effective and ineffective decisions resulting from the partnership, and the issues each company’s CIO needed to address to support the venture. On February 11, 2011, according to a press release from Microsoft, "Nokia and Microsoft intend to jointly…

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  • Sms Based Home Appliance Control System Case Study

    the teaching and non-teaching staffs of CSE Dept. and our friends who have directly or indirectly helped us in completing our project work. PROJECTEES PREFACE Home Automation is no longer futuristic. It's today's standard that greatly increases the value, safety, enjoyment and efficiency of your home. It's technology that's used to simplify and enhance your life at home. Home automation and control is easy to use. Through simple touch panels, you can…

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  • Relationship Between Technology And Design

    Technology is rapidly developing and is a significant role in our life. Design is affected by technology as it is essential need for people. My motivation of this topic is to dig in the relationship between technology and design, not only what technology inspires design but also the issue that technology makes. The changes have been made over time in terms of material, society and culture. A design is given vary meanings in different ages, environment and culture. This paper discusses how…

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