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  • Analytical Essay: The Ultimate Fighting Championship

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or the UFC, is currently one of the world’s fastest growing sports in the world. This recent rise in success is due in part of featherweight champion Conor McGregor. The Irishman’s ability to “talk the talk” at press conferences and “walk the walk” at his fights are the reasons why the UFC company has emerged as such a successful sport. In McGregor’s next fight at UFC 205, he will be competing against lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. The two fighters recently shared a few words with each other at the UFC 205 press conference. The words that were exchanged during this event demonstrate McGregor’s skills of communication to build his identity by dismantling his opponents. Communication involves constructing…

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  • Billie Jean King Accomplishments

    tournaments and worked as a tennis instructor in order to help herself financially (“Filmmaker Essay: On Billie Jean King”). In 1965, Billie Jean married Larry King, who was a law student at the time (“Billie Jean King Biography”). Billie Jean decided that she needed to step up her practice schedule and began a complete training plan that would work on strengthening her fundamentals, which would lead to her winning many titles (“Billie Jean King Biography”). This training plan and hard work…

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  • East Ridge IBL Tournament Analysis

    Sieffert can carry this squad but only to a certain degree, if another player can be the Robin to Collin’s Batman, then Gorgui will find themselves in the championship game. On the other side of the final Hagianna’s takes on The Bad, The Ugly, and The Ginger. Ugly has the advantage in terms of fundamentals, but no team in the league can match the athleticism and raw talent of Hagianna’s and this will lead Hagianna’s to the championship game. The Championship come down to Hagianna’s taking on…

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  • Personal Narrative: Football In High School

    the same, we were unstoppable. As the season went on we were drawing more attention to our school to the point where local critics were for us for once. You could say the attention was getting to us because we weren’t use to having a winning season. It was time for playoffs and our reputation was through the roof. I for one was having the best time of my life. The playoffs went by fast and the wins kept coming. At this point the championship game was just around corner something my school…

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  • Lack Of Diversity In Tennis Essay

    American Tennis Association. In 1950, Gibson played her first professional tennis match in Queens, New York. In her first round, she defeated Barbara Knapp, a white female player but lost to Louise Brough, another white female player in her second match. Throughout both rounds, racial slurs spewed from racist spectators, who for the first time saw an African-American person playing the game in a non-recreational setting (“Racism and Black Tennis”). Despite the slurs and insults, Althea Gibson…

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  • Jelena Jankovic Research Paper

    Jelena Jankovic was born and raised in the socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. her hometown is Belgrade. he was coached by her elder brother Marco who himself is a good player of tennis. Jelena studied economics from the Belgrade University but did not completed it so that she could compete in Tennis tournaments. she started playing tennis at a tender age of 9 years. she was picked up by the tennis club known as Red Star. once she got some skills she transferred to Tennis Academy run by Nick…

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  • My Dad Influenced My Life Essay

    Back in the Summer of 2010 , my mom got laid off and could not find a job no matter where she applied. I remember seeing her sit on the couch all day just applying to places but no one was hiring at the time. But , that was no excuse for my dad he went out there and worked as much overtime as he could just to be able to support my family while my mom was unemployed. When it came to sports he was always viewing things in a positive way. I lost my first ever championship game when I was 15 in our…

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  • Serena Jameka Williams: Best Woman Athlete

    She lost in the first round of qualifying to Anne Miller, winning just two games.Williams did not play a tournament in 1996.She finished 1997 ranked world No. 99. Williams' first tournament of the 2013 season was in Brisbane, where she won the title without dropping a set.At the 2013 US Open, Williams began as the top seed and defending champion. She reached the final—a rematch of the 2012 final against Azarenka—and won in three sets, capturing her 17th Grand Slam singles title. Williams became…

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  • What's The Difference Between Venus And Serena Williams

    From the swing of the racket to the way they move across the court, Venus and Serena Williams are both brilliant tennis players. Both sisters are equally successful in their lives outside of tennis, but their careers in the game are very different from each other. Venus Williams was born on June seventeenth, 1980 making her the older sister in the dynamic tennis duo. Her younger sister, Serena, was born on September twenty-sixth, 1981. Both girls were enrolled at Rick Macci’s Tennis Academy…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Super Bowl

    1967: The first Super Bowl “Bee-do, bee-do, dee-do,” My alarm clock goes off and another day begins. I slump out of bed as my feet hit the floor. Just another boring day in Los Angeles, just another day of work. My phone goes off and reads “Hey Sharron. Today’s the big day, are you excited? - Tori,” I spin around frantically as I remember what today is. It wasn’t just any old day, I was going to watch the first World Championship football game! It could be a day that people years from now talk…

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