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  • Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)

    elastic the joint surface, and higher contact pressures at the end of the bone. The contacting bone surfaces become hardened and the process causes the bone to look polished on x-ray produces a whitened appearance on the films . Symptoms include stiffness, swelling, and joint pain that can last for more than a few weeks. Degenerative joint disease symptoms are caused by a gradual deterioration of cartilage in joint articular surfaces. Healthy joint articular surfaces are covered with smooth…

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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis In Children

    because there are over 100 types of arthritis and related conditions, the disease can start in many ways, and it can be extremely difficult to recognize because of the wide range of symptoms. Arthritis might cause the classic symptoms of joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, or it may cause health problems that seem unrelated, such as fatigue or a different rashes (“Understanding Arthritis”, n.d.). Also, according to the…

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  • Silicon Carbide Research Paper

    Silicon carbide has been recognised as an important structural ceramic material because of its unique combination of properties. It is a promising ceramic material that can replace conventional metals and ionic-bonded oxide ceramics such as alumina. Structure of Silicon carbide Silicon carbide is a compound of silicon, a metalloid, and carbon, a nonmetal, and has a giant molecular lattice structure. It has a similar structure with diamond. Each carbon atom is joined tetrahedrally to four…

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  • Abilify Research Papers

    Abilify: (aripiprazole) It is an antipsychotic drug. It works by the changing the actions of chemicals in the brain. The symptoms such as schzopherenia and bipolar disorder (maniac depression) are can be treated by using abilify. It is not known that usage of this drug in children of age about13yrs, if it is effective or not, or children of age 10yrs with suffering from bipolar disorder. It is also used in children of 6yrs or older who have tourette’s disorder, or symptoms of autism…

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  • Hypothyroidism Research Paper

    Hypothyroidism Tiffany Lewis Mod F Everest University Mr. Todd 7/10/2016 Abstract In this essay, I will be discussing the definition of hypothyroidism. As well as the causes of hypothyroidism and ages that it affects. The treatments for and how to help care for the people that have the condition. The condition is very serious and can cause death. I am going to talk about the effects of the condition on the human body. We also are going learn about the condition more in depth. Hypothyroidism…

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  • Hypoxia Athletic Performance

    altitudes improves mean power on an aerobic test procedure when compared to the same test of the sea level training. [1]. A study carried out depicts that; intermittent hypoxia reduces stiffness of the arteries and hence improves cardio respiratory function. Training under normal conditions does not lessen the arterial stiffness [2]. Less stiff arteries lead to sufficient pumping to all the body parts including the muscles that are much the major factors involved in determining the athletic…

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  • H2 Robot Exoskeleton Case Study

    description of the software implemented to control each H2 joint actuator. Following is the description of the middle layer of software implemented to synchronize the movement of all joints and provide close loop control based on position, torque or stiffness. Each joint can be independently controlled by the high level control layer, where the therapies are implemented. The…

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  • Uniform Fracture Research Paper

    Cuneiform Fracture The cuneiform bones are the bones in the middle of the foot that make up the arch. A cuneiform fracture is a break or crack in one of these bones. CAUSES This condition may be caused by: A sudden twisting of your foot. A fall onto your foot. Dropping a heavy object on your foot. Overuse or repetitive exercise. RISK FACTORS This condition is more likely to develop in people who: Play contact sports. Have a bone disease. Have a low calcium…

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  • Stellate Cells And Pancreatic Cancer

    Stellate Cells (SC) are morphologically characterized by dendrites that radiate from the main cell body leading to a star-like shape and giving rise to the name Stellate i.e. star-like. They can be found in various parts of the body such as: kidneys, lungs, liver, breast, and pancreas; some of these ones have been less thoroughly characterized compared to others such as hepatic SC [1-5]. Although the dissimilar microenvironment of SC in different parts of the body condition them to react…

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  • Ageing Essay

    Ageing Worldwide, the proportion of people aged over 60 years is growing faster than any other age group [1, 2]. This can be considered a result of both longer life expectancy (decreased death rate) and declining fertility rates [3]. In 2006, it was estimated that 688 million people were 60 years or older, and, by the year of 2050, this age group is expected to increase to 2 billion, becoming larger than the age group of children under the age of 14 years [1]. In Australia, the number of…

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