Stereotypes of South Asians

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  • Reflect On Australian Identity

    Harp in the South’ by author Ruth Park and ‘True Blue” an anthology of written pieces which reflect on Australian Identity. The Harp in the South tells the story of a working class Irish-Catholic family living in the postwar slums of Sydney. It explores their everyday lives, their troubles and their triumphs. Many argue it is not the plot but the characters that make this book such a success. The focus of today will be analyzing the cultural assumptions made in the ‘The Harp in the South’ and…

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  • Cambodian Immigrants

    brought everyone closer and the diverse city of Long Beach. They also celebrate the new years with a parade in Long Beach, Cambodia town. “The Cambodian community still tries to incorporate its culture into the city.” ( The new years is filled with history and sows the Cambodians that they should be proud of their…

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  • Adoption And Un Desirable Children Analysis

    In “Out of Sorts: Adoption and (Un) Desirable Children” by Katherin M. Flower Kim, Kim presents how racism influences and affects the decisions within the adoption process among white parents in the United States. In the recent years, adoption has become increasingly popular among those who would like to start a family with children and either are unable to do so themselves or would like add a child in need of a family. Issues arise when certain races of children become more desirable than…

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  • The Differences Between Hinduism And Islam

    Religious conflicts in South Asia have been instigated and fueled by ideological assumptions without an accurate understanding of history. This has led to “Hinduism” and “Islam” being considered independent from each other and religious identity being deemed as exclusive. The book Beyond Turk and Hindu challenges these misconceptions by outlining the ways in which Hinduism and Islam intermix and overlap. The authors of chapters two and three, Shackle and Narayanan, examine regionally specific…

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  • Cultural Appropriation

    Appreciation or Appropriation? Have you ever stopped to think about Halloween costumes? Dressing up as a Latino or a Native American is considered normal in our society. However, these cultures aren’t meant to be costumes. They present a way for people to identify and express themselves while belonging to a community of people who share similar beliefs. This is cultural appropriation; the adoption or use of elements of a culture by a person of another cultural background. Although many…

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  • The 9/11 Generation

    Youth, Rights, and Solidarity in the War on the Terror, is an ethnographic study of youth organizations and solidarity to understand the mobilization of Muslim youth in different communities in the Bay Area. After 9/11, many Muslim, Arabs, and South Asians increased in partaking in political subjectivity and orientation related to Islamophobia, global politics in the Middle East, and US policies. Many Muslim students took part in youth organizations as according to Sabina, a young Indian…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Multicultural America

    because she looked Asian. Throughout her childhood she interacted with the other kids that were white and didn’t even realize that anything was different. But then there came a moment when she recognized that she didn’t look the same as all the white kids, it was in this moment that she started realizing the little ways that people treated her differently. Kids would just assume that she did well in school and ask her to be part of their group projects just because she looked Asian. It seemed…

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  • Racism In Football

    Recommendations Recently, English football is being promoted by the U.K. government and the Football Association (FA) has been handed the major role to play in the counter against racism and increase the involvement rates of ethnic minorities in the British civic society (KASSIMERIS, 2008, p. 125). However, for one to use football as a tool for braking down the barriers for racial abuse, racism at the elite level should be tackled first so as to set a better example for the others. After looking…

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  • Whitewashing In Film Analysis

    production, this is not just by show but by season. What’s more, “that the lone black cast member is usually male. Black women are often cast only when the script calls for them or to fill promiscuous and degenerate roles. Such casting supports the stereotype that black women are sexmongering, obedient objects, all while fulfilling the negrophilic appetite for black fetishism in concert with oversexualization”…

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  • Essay About Segregation

    In this group, we believe that segregation is still a problem today. We think that today, people are being segregated due to stereotypes and also being segregated by the retailer of a house. The retailer will try to sell houses to minorities away from the white population. Another example of this is white cops shooting black unarmed people. An example is the Ferguson shooting where a black male was shot by a white cop several times for reaching his hand into his pocket to grab some skittles.…

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