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  • The Pros And Cons Of Recital In The Contract

    For offshore areas Recital in the contract provides as follows:- By ideals of Article 297 of the Constitution of India, Petroleum in its common state in the Regional Waters and the Mainland Rack of India is vested in the Union of India. The Oil Fields (Regulation and Development) Act, 1948 (53 of 1948) and the Petroleum and Natural Gas rules, 1959, made there under (hereinafter alluded to as "the Guidelines") make procurements, entomb alia, for the Regulation of Petroleum Operations and award of…

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  • The Influence Matrix Analysis Of The Oil And Gas Industry

    Introduction For the past three years—due to the global surplus of crude oil production resulting in lower crude prices—oil & gas industry has become a dynamic marketplace and the constant drive for survival and excellence has put the companies on toes to modify their strategies for the next round of competition. Consequently, cost optimization is the near-term strategy in the whole oil & gas industry, and Qatar Petroleum (QP) is no exception. As part of cost optimization, QP examined all the…

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  • Environmental Impacts Of Automobiles

    Genferal 1 – environmental impacts from the use of automobiles has centered on emissions, climate change and fuel economy. 2 – About three-quarters of the average car can be recycled. 2 - Eighty to 90% of a vehicle’s environmental impact comes from fuel consumption and emissions that lead to air pollution and greenhouse gases. Brake Debris and Tire Particles 1. Substances raise toxicity levels in nearby soilds and in the case of timre particles, lead to the formation of black carbon. Cause…

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  • Palm Oil Interview Essay

    about the competition in the international palm oil market as well, and how to price right for different customers in different countries. In my interview with Karim, I learned a lot about what he does as a business owner to maintain his company and make his company larger. Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. People probably used it a dozen times today without even realizing it. It’s extremely versatile and incredibly efficient oil…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Exxonmoil

    help further company profits. The team reviewed all aspects within the corporation by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses as well as analyzing outside variables such as: opportunities and threats. ExxonMobil is the strongest standing Gas and Oil Company. The corporation has grown to become one of the highest-ranking within the industry. XOM has proven to value research & development (R&D). The company takes pride in their operational management system as well as their employees. They have…

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  • The Importance Of Being The President Of Lisavia

    population of this country understand the factors that influence the desired increase in their standard of living. In order to increase their standard of living I will have to advise them as to which policies should be implement in order to rise productivity levels, income and with it be finally able to achieve their goals. However before submerging ourselves in the different ways that can be used to improve the standard of living of a specific country we need to have to tools and knowledge to…

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  • Exxonmobil's Six Paths Framework

    focused on how to evolve over time. In particular, they’ve achieved this by developing engine oils that are environmentally friendly. Motor oils and other industrial lubricants are vital to our economy and living standards. However, technological advances are redefining the motor oil industry. Therefore, ExxonMobil faces a new challenge in the future. With the rise of electric cars, the reliance on motor oil and lubricants will decrease. More and more car manufacturers are starting to build…

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  • 0il And Gas Industry Study Report

    Western-driven market, and of competition between private companies for access to reserves. Since 2OO5, oil prices have moved to a permanently high level. 0ther industries are capturing some of the demand for transport by producing more efficient engines, vehicles, ships and aircraft, and by supplying alternative fuels. New technologies are providing diverse but uncertain opportunities for producing ‘unconventional’ oil and gas in many parts of the w0rld.This particular study report is focused…

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  • Peak Oil Research Paper

    All plastic is oil. Most paints and all pesticides are made from oil. Everything from toothpaste to tooth brushes are made from oil and there are seven gallons of oil in every tire. There is absolutely nothing anywhere in any combination that will replace the assembly built by fossil fuels…..nothing at all. Peak oil is probably now very easy to explain; much easier than it was a long time ago. People have felt what $147 a barrel of oil feels like. Essentially, peak oil is like a bell curve, if…

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  • The Challenges Of Energy Security

    Energy security is a global issue. It can be defined as “The uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price” (Chester, 2010). Energy security is not limited to the mere availability of the energy resources, it is rather linked with the national security of any country. If a country has energy resources to serve the need of its citizens, it means country has more sustained and long term energy security for the technological as well as economic development. Energy security…

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