Rockefeller And Standard Oil Case Study

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1) The topic I have chosen is Rockefeller and Standard oil. More specifically I will be discussing how Standard oil co. became a monopoly, and what the response of the American public, and the U.S government was. Rockefellers actions influenced anti-trust laws, resulting in the laissez faire economy system to be obliterated. This created more restrictions for private business, and redefined how capitalism worked in the U.S.

How was one man able to monopolize an industry? / How did Standard oil become successful?
Why did the public have an issue with Standard oil co. monopolizing the oil industry? / How did Standard oils success effect the public?
Is it a capitalist society if the government imposes restrictions on how one can conduct their business?
Are monopolies still possible with anti-trust laws?
What specifically did the Standard Oil co. do wrong?
How did Rockefeller add to the development of American capitalism?
Did Rockefeller believe he was unethical?
Was the public biased against Rockefeller?
Would Rockefeller still
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Winston seeks to abolish the preconceived notion on the Standard Oil company with his article. He emphasizes that society needs to know detailed facts about the company’s history, and that biased opinions should not be formed based on resentment towards Rockefeller due to his wealth. He believes the public rashly bases opinions on inaccurate facts, and without much thought. At the time the public had 3 sources from where they received their information regarding the company; articles notable ones being by Tarbell, proceedings in court, and the official investigation on the company. Winston cautiously analyzes all the accusations regarding Standard Oil, proceeding with unbiased explanations. He breaks down events taking away negative connotations of the company. The public, and the government had negative perspectives, but this aids in supporting Rockefellers argument where he thought of his business dealings as

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