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  • Exotic History Widman Analysis

    The most unique type of art in this collection would have to be the painting titled Exotic History by Harry Widman. The craft is an oil on canvas that can be seen at the PCC campus of Rock Creek at building seven on the left side. The painting shows of three shadow figures of women painted in an abstract way makes it unique which is how all art is. Exotic History has a distinct visual style that work with one another to captivate the viewer, and get them to contemplate the meaning behind the…

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  • Solar Energy: The Development Of Renewable Energy

    “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy to wait until oil and coal run out, before we tackle that” (Thomas Edison). Coal was developed in the mid 19 century, since then all used energy was renewable. The United States designed a graph of energy use up until 1990. It shows how gas, oil, and natural gas had the same importance in 1900 as played by solar and wind in 2010. In 1873, experiments with solar energy began to happen because the concerns of running out of coal were brought up. During…

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  • Frracking: The Pros And Cons Of Fracking

    the process of extracting natural gas from shale rocks deep within the Earth. New advancements in drilling technology, such as hydraulic fracturing, has make it possible to extract natural gas from shale that was once unreachable with conventional oil drilling. Fracking is a very disputed topic with numerous pros and cons. In a recent interview with Craig DeBrew, of the District Manager of Government and Community Relations for Duke Energy, I asked about the benefits of fracking. He informed…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Taking A Walk Into City

    were always a gentleman in our friendship. Now that I am grown, she wouldn’t bat an eye at you asking. I often wondered what you were doing each summer I came to visit my Seanmhair.” “I mainly helped my Athair in the family business or worked on the oil rig. I see ye still have the pink pearl. It looks lovely made into a necklace; I was surprised, to see ye wearing it at the pub when I bumped into ye.” He…

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  • Java Plum Berry Case Study

    REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE of Eugenia jambolana Lam., DEFINITION Java plum berry begin to exist in India where it is originally called as Jamun . Eugenia jambolana Lam., is the scientific name of this plant. Jambolan , Jambas , Jambul , Jamali , Jambul, Black Plum, Java Plum, Indian Blackberry, Jamblang, etc. are just some of the other common names of Java plum berry from different parts of the world . It belongs to the Myrtaceae family or Syzygium cumini (also called as Syzygium jambolanum…

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  • Lelta Mhp Case Study

    CHAPTER FIVE 5. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5.1. Conclusions The subsequent conclusions and recommendations are made on the existing electric consumption of Lelta MHP, productive use of Electric power and Stakeholder and community integration to sustain the plant. The electric consumption and future demand of MHP during this study are analysis carried out using GDP and HH and population growth rate. The summary of main findings, based on the analysis undertaken in the preceding Chapters 4,…

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  • Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy Technologies

    Energy is one of the most fundamental thing in all kind of life on earth. It allows people to travel across the globe, it provides electricity to our homes, it is critical to almost all the basic human activities. This fact makes the energy sector one of the most important sectors that gives input to many other sectors (Bozkurt, 2010). As a matter of fact, electricity changes the way people live and see the world and without it everything would be different. Apart from that, economical…

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  • Ambassador Hotel Case Study

    study revealed that the oil problem is not only about energy constraints, but is also directly linked to environmental security, political instability, the socioeconomic systems of production and consumption which can affect the sustainable development of the hotel in almost every aspect. Moreover, climate change occurs much more slowly than other factors related to tourism, and because of the reason that luxury hotels are less susceptible to the financial crisis, peak oil is potentially the…

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  • The Storm By Auguste Cot Analysis

    Painted in 1880, The Storm, by Pierre-Auguste Cot, is an oil painting currently on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Two subjects, a youthful woman and man, are the central focus of this work. The Storm is notable not only for its subject matter, but also for the striking way in which it is depicted; the technical mastery of Cot is evident in the well-rendered, linear style, and the dynamic and atmospheric nature of the painting inspires a greater sense of interest in the viewer. The…

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  • Tar Sands In Canada

    carbon sink, protects the endangered animals within it, and contains bodies of water that are unspoiled by pollution. Unfortunately, beneath the flourish of life was the dark discovery of tar sands. Tar, or oil sands are composed of sand, water, clay, and bitumen- a thick, dark, and heavy oil. Because of its viscosity, bitumen needs to be lightened with a mixture of hydrocarbons to transport it through pipes. The mining of bitumen began in 1719 when it was first discovered, and small extractions…

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