Theodore Roosevelt: How Does The Sherman Act Work?

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Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States of America. Roosevelt spent part of his presidency figuring out what companies were breaking the Sherman Act and putting them out of business. These companies were making it hard other the consumers and other companies that might have been trying to get their hand in the game. These bad trusts were not just stopping people from getting into the market but they were also making sure that the other companies that were already in the same market as them played by their rules.
How Does the Sherman Act Work?
The Sherman Act began in 1890 and its sole purpose said by The Federal Trade Commission was that a “Comprehensive charter of economic liberty aimed at preserving free and unfettered
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Roosevelt’s successor Taft continued to fight against the large corporations that were breaking the Sherman Anti-Trust law. During Taft’s presidency he ended up breaking up more trusts than Theodore did but he did not get the name as Trust Buster because Theodore was the one who laid down the ground work for bringing down the bad trusts that had been set up. “if no limits were placed on railroad mergers and more holding companies combined, a universal merger might be reached and a single man might take control,” (Morris, 2001)Pg 330. It is very important not to let one man or even a group of people to take control because of the repercussions that could occur if something like this was to happen. Roosevelt saw this and he acted to prevent something like this from happening before it could actually …show more content…
By helping tear down the bad trust companies it better helped our economy but making more people being able to help build up USA into the super power that is it today. On the flip side these companies were also just trying to build a business and do the best they could do and make their business better than all of the other businesses around. In some cases, it might have been better if Theodore just let the companies go about their businesses because it brought in a lot of money for those bigger companies and they were also exporting to other countries and building up the country.
Without these companies doing what they did, our economic stability could be very different from what it is today. For the most part the way that these bad trusts did business was actually effective because of how much they could get done. “More than a quarter of the entire [steel] production of the world,” (Goodwin, 2013) Pg.297 was produced by a company from the United States of America and it was a company that ended up being found guilty for being a monopoly and was forced to break up its

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