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  • Population Control: The Ethical Issue Of Overpopulation

    issue it brings. They have begun to give away colorful condoms packages that have pictures of endangered species and catchy phrases regarding the issue. “Wrap with care, save the polar bear,” reads one of the packages. “Wear a condom now, save the spotted owl,” says another. They 've started handing out these condoms to raise awareness that if we continue to add to our ever growing population it will lead to crowding out of species and will hasten climate…

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  • EPA Regulation

    John Cosgrove Mrs. Gallos 19, April 2017 Research Paper EPA REGULATIONS Have you ever been watching tv or the news and you heard about the EPA? Have you ever hear about Greenhouse emissions and other pollutants? What is the EPA? Well, I’m here to tell you a little about the EPA and some of the problems with the regulations that Americans are facing every second of their daily life. EPA stands for Environmetal Protection Agency, Which they help the Environment but tthey hurt many Americans.…

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  • Formal Lab Report Sample

    Smaller sized prey would be able to find hiding spots, and would be more likely to survive and reproduce. The result would be that genes associated with small size would become more common in future generations. An example of this is an owl hunting for field mice. The large field mice would have a difficult time finding a hiding place; however, the small sized field mice could hide almost anywhere. The result would be that smaller field mice would “become more common in the population”…

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  • Overview Of Buffal Migration Phenology Of North American Birds

    eight species are significantly correlated with temperature and seven species arriving earlier during warmer years. (Elizabeth R.E Scientists at Fargo, ND have studied 83 species of birds for their arrival time over ten years. The study concluded that the majority of arriving earlier than they did historically. The uniqueness of this study is that they measured FAD (First arrival dates) and AGDU (Accumulated growing degree units). The accumulated growing degree units for a time of arrival…

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  • Roe V. Wade Argument

    In what developmental stage of life is a human considered a person with rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? On December 13th of 1971 this very same question was indirectly presented to the United States Supreme Court in the initial oral argument of the Roe v. Wade case, and later in the reargument on October 11th of 1972. The case involved Norma McCorvey, known as Jane Roe during the trial; Roe’s attorney, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee; the defendant and –then– district…

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  • The Human Impact Of Deforestation And The Human Environment

    For several thousands of years, humans and other living species have coexisted together, but as the human population continues to dramatically increase, the need for an extraneous amount of resources does as well. Over the past two decades, the human impact on wildlife is easily seen worldwide. Forests have been diminishing at an alarming rate. Deforestation is becoming more of a problem each day. Due to deforestation, biodiversity is decreasing, habitats are being severely polluted, and…

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  • Qin Shi Huangdi

    To what extent did geography help Qin Shi Huangdi keep China unified? Introduction China is an emerging superpower in today’s ever-changing society. Despite this, many people do not know a thing about the history of the country. This fact makes the question “To what extent did geography help Qin Shi Huangdi keep China unified” worthy of investigation. Before him, China was composed of seven separate warring states. Qin Shi Huangdi unified China in 221 BC and managed to keep it unified…

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  • Thornewood Hall: A Short Story

    Chapter One Thornewood Hall There are two types of people in Whodunit Hill: the sincere and the shady. So when Miss Sims, a checker at the Root & Shoot greengrocer thought she saw a ghost in front of Thornewood Hall I didn’t know what to believe. But I figured her claim had to be considered. Anyway, that was what got me into this pickle in the first place. By pickle, I mean the fact that I’m staring at the ghoul as it flashes blue in a tangled sea of tattered sheers. The drapes dropped to the…

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  • Species Extinction Research Paper

    Species Extinction: A Pathway to the Sixth Extinction We have all played a game of Jenga, each player removes one block per turn and either the tower will remain upright, or it will all tumble down. This Hasbro game is an exceptional example of the sixth extinction. Simply imagine each block as a different species. Humans are on top while other species like rhinos, polar bears and lions are on the bottom. If one is removed off of the bottom there is a possibility of all of them toppling over,…

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  • A Day In My Life Analysis

    Analysis of A day in my Life in College Personal Sociological Perspective College life comes with some different challenges as opposed to high college life especially based on the daily schedules in one way or the other. You 've most likely as of now pondered what college will resemble. Will it resemble home? Will it resemble your secondary college experience? Will you have the capacity to handle it? Will it be fun and energizing? Will it be terrifying and nerve wracking? Indeed, ideally a look…

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