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  • Rap Vs Poetry Research Paper

    Rap: Unfortunately, Not Poetry “Hip-hop lyrics–not just my lyrics, but those of any great MC — are poetry if you look at them closely enough,” said Jay-Z, one of the most prominent rappers known and respected internationally (Sanneh). On the surface, rap and poetry can be compared quite easily; they both can have similes, metaphors, hyperboles, and rhyme patterns. However, even though rap and poetry may share these things, they are different because of the topics each speaks about, the inclusion…

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  • Conflict In The Sympathizer By Viet Thanh Nguyen

    An example of this is detailed with the implications of multiple identities possessed by the character assumed within the quote "I am a spy, a sleeper, a spook, a man of two faces. Perhaps not surprisingly, I am also a man of two minds, I am not some mutant from a comic book or movie, although some have treated me as such " (Nguyen 1). Evidently, the character exposes his true identity indicating his role…

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  • In My Fathers House Character Analysis

    In My Father’s House by Ernest J. Gaines is a novel about a young man who goes by Robert X visiting a small Community St. Adrienne in Louisiana. Robert X claims to be from Chicago and is in town for a conference sparking the interest of everyone he meets because no conference is set to happen. His true motive is to meet Reverend Phillip Martins a minister and civil rights leader, it takes about two weeks of staying with Virginia Collar before he has his chance. Robert finally sees reverend…

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  • Skunk Essay

    This happened to my mother. She didn’t want to spook it because she didn’t want it to spray herself or her car. So of course, she didn’t drive her car that night, and she waited out the skunk until morning. Plus, it is irritating letting our dogs out at night in fear they will get sprayed by a skunk…

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  • Racial Discrimination And The Civil Rights Movement

    communities where blacks had once been barred from voting, and many of the leaders or organizations that came into existence during the 1950s and 1960s remained active in southern politics. Southern colleges and universities that once excluded blacks began to recruit them. Despite the civil rights gains of the 1960s, however, racial discrimination and repression remained a significant factor in American life. Even after President Johnson declared a war on poverty and King initiated a Poor…

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  • Lady Macbeth's Attitude

    Background Shakespeare was born in Stratford-on-Avon, England in 1564. He was the son of a glove maker but after unfortunate events his father was prosecuted and no longer successful. Historians who study the behavior and lifestyle of Shakespeare believe that what people think to be a man who acted and wrote may have actually been two different men. Regardless, the play Macbeth was written by a William Shakespeare and still reigns today was one of the best plays for high school students to…

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  • Angels In America Analysis

    Throughout the book Angels in America, Tony Kushner uses the truth to portray how ignorance and innocence can worsen situations that are unwanted, while cognizance may not fully solve the problem, it may help this person come to a realization of what needs to happen, and ultimately end or move on from that current situation. In this quote about the truth, Prior specifically does not say that the truth always fucks you, he states that the truth “mostly” fucks you. The word “always” means, at all…

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  • Analysis Of O Brother Where Art Thou

    O’ Brother not another Odyssey Ancient Greece and the 1930's American bible belt seldom seem comparable, however in reinterpreting Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey, Joel and Ethan Coen do a marvelous job transposing the adventures of Odysseus to the era of the Great Depression. Ulysses Everett McGill is a depression era Odysseus trying to make his way home through the Mississippi bible belt south to get home before his ex-wife Penny marries her suitor, Waldrip. As a modern depiction, O' Brother,…

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  • My First Deer Narrative

    The race between the sunrise and myself was underway. It was five in the morning and the sun was scheduled to rise at seven. There was a thirty minute drive in the way along with an hour of hiking. Not only would this be a close race; it would be one that could decide between me, and my first deer. I had been hunting for a couple of years, but have found nothing worthy of being my first harvest buck. If you shoot a young buck, there won't be any bigger ones in the upcoming harvest. With my rifle…

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  • Reality In Black Swan Green

    Hangman will never go away, and Eliot Bolivar will always be an aspect of him that will not be totally revealed. Jason is the combination of these identities, and he is simply not meant to one of those kids, not a part of the bullies, not a part of the “Spooks”, not even a part of the “lepers”. He takes no delight in cruelty. “So here I am, two double-back minutes later, eye to eye with Mr.Blake’s door knocker, cacking myself.” (140) He’s not afraid of the bullies, at least not in the end. “I…

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