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  • How Democratic Can We Get?: The Internet, And Public Discourse

    Ward, Irene. “How Democratic Can We Get?: The Internet, the Public Sphere, and Public Discourse.” JAC, vol. 17, no. 3, 1997, pp. 365–379. JSTOR, JSTOR, www.jstor.org/stable/20866148. Irene Ward’s overall argument in her article, “How Democratic Can We Get?”, is that modernity’s digital media revolution has transformed communication and the way individuals understand and interact with the world. Like the Internet, mediums of digital media have the ability to transform democracy and the “public”…

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  • Veernacular Voices Analysis

    Hauser, Gerard “Vernacular Voices: The Rhetoric Publics and Public Spheres,” (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1999). In an alternative view of the public sphere, the author discusses the idea of a rhetoric public sphere, which relies on discourse rather than economic class and face-to-face interaction. Similarly, one of the major differences between traditional physical public spheres and the Deep Web public sphere is that of discourse, which users rely on, and which follow…

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  • Pythagoras Theory Of Cosmology Essay

    astronomical scholar from the Penn State University, in his introduction to his own research paper on the Music of the Spheres. Like him, the concept of the Music of the Spheres intrigued me immediately when I started researching the topic. I have always had a passion for Astronomy, and it was so interesting to discover the immense effect that Pythagoras’s theory, the Music of the Spheres, had on Johannes Kepler, and the connection between the three types of music that Boethius discovered in his…

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  • Deregulation, Privatization And Transformation Of Media In New Zealand

    the transformations. The transformations include deregulation, privatization and commercialization. It is important to consider how these transformations have then in turn negatively affected the media’s ability to function as a public sphere. The public sphere is a space where individuals can come together and freely voice their opinions about any kind of societal issue (Hope, 2012). Through this, the public can potentially influence political actions (Scannell, 2007).…

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  • The Role Of Domesticity In Anne Sexton's Poetry

    The gendered norms of society are a set of rules on how each gender should behave, and define which sphere of society each gender belongs, and in this idea of a sectioning of both men’s and women’s roles into these separate spheres, there is a relation to the domesticity of western society. The concept of domesticity comes from the concept of the separate sphere ideology, where women and men were placed in these separate roles. For men it was the public role, life of politics, economy, whilst…

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  • Deep Web Analysis

    information, however it can be identified as a public opinion against adultery produced by a public sphere on the Deep Web. The example of the Ashley Madison leaks being attributed to the formation of public opinion on a social issue supports the identification of Deep Web as a public sphere, using important themes like anonymity and independence. However, as previously mentioned, the public sphere is an important political tool in democratic society because it gives citizens the power to…

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  • Earth's Structure: A Qualitative Study

    group had a substantially higher percentage of sphere model responses compared to the younger group. The results did not support the second hypothesis as the percentages of sphere model responses…

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  • Ex Nihilo Creation Story

    the shadows despondency and thoughts of being lonely sparks an idea in him to create the spheres for something to…

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  • Family Fortune Summary

    their study in such terms. We will also look at the strengths and weaknesses of Family Fortunes as a work of local history. Furthermore, we will look at part one in detail to determine if the national discourse of ideas about gender and separate spheres deflect from the local focus or successfully integrated into the case studies of the rural counties of East Anglia and the industrial commercial town of Birmingham. In addition, we will be looking at whether the comparative structure works or if…

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  • Vegetarian Gender Roles

    The public sphere consists of a set of regulations where docile bodies are produced and laws, either visible or invisible, control human behavior and actions. It is between these two spheres that the gender labelling of food can be challenged and possibly even eliminated. The private sphere consists of a certain set of regulations and choices that can provide an individual with enjoyment and satisfaction…

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