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  • Personal Narrative-Alice In Wonderland

    Wonderland is as beautiful and colorful as she remembered, reminiscent of a masterpiece painting using colors selected by a child. Alice navigates through the dense forests, tall mushrooms and strange fauna. Alice navigates the path as if she’d done it every day of her life. Upon stumbling through a darker part on her path she all at once gets the sensation of being watched, a chill goes down her spine; the sense of someone breathing on her neck; the sound of faint whispers into her ear, yet she…

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  • Essay On Aesop's Fables

    Aesop’s Fables Introduction Fables are told all through the world. The characters of fables are usually animals that attract children to learn lesson from the stories. When I lived in China, I read many kinds of fables, including ancient Chinese fables, Arabic fables, and Greek fables. I have been interested in Aesop’s Fables from Greece since I was a child. The fables in Aesop’s collection usually have simple context, but they reveal deep meanings. My passion of reading fables was inspired by…

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  • The Psychopath Test By Jon Ronson

    Entitled The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry, the book was written by a Welsh journalist, Jon Ronson. It was published by Riverhead Books on May 12, 2011 and is comprised of 316 pages. Ronson was born on May 10, 1967 and is notable for his other works including best-selling The Men Who Stare at Goats, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, and Them: Adventures with Extremists. In The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry, Ronson goes through a series of…

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  • Clifford Olson Case Study Of Criminal Behavior

    support for why he committed such crimes. Clifford Robert Olsen was from Vancouver, British Columbia, and he was born on January 1st, 1940 (Mulgrew, 2011). Although Olson did not face any abuse from his parents, he was known to be an aggressive child. For example, as a child, he showed behaviours similar to a bully. He faced peer rejection in school, resulting in him getting physically abused by his peers (Mulgrew, 2011). His father stated…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Parents Go To Jail

    f children, no matter what age, were to steal or harm someone, should the parents go to jail or be tried for it? This is a really interesting debate; most people argue that it is always the parent’s fault. Sure, children are a product of their environment; but this doesn’t always mean that the parents are to blame for what a child may do. Sometimes, children just do not have the ability to learn what is morally right and wrong. Sometimes, develop in such a way that the parents did all they can,…

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  • Gender Equality In Susan Glaspell's A Jury Of Her Peers

    In society, there is always the desire to be “loyal to your sex” (Glaspell), to protect those that one relates to the most. In Susan Glaspell’s short story, A Jury of Her Peers, the characters personify that exact constant by protecting their peers, respectively, as a result of the historical gender segregation. To begin, the women in the short story are not friends, with the narrator of the story stating “She [Martha Hale] had met Mrs. Peters the year before at the county fair… she remembered……

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  • The Road Not Taken And The Armful Analysis

    The Road Not Taken v. The Armful Robert Lee Frost created poetry with mysterious yet clear, heartfelt lessons of choices and struggle, two of which are well shown in The Road Not Taken and The Armful. The two poems perfectly depict some of Frost 's own triumphs, despite the hardships endured, the inspirations channeled from Frost 's wife, Elinor White, and the scenery of the England 's countryside. The moods perceived throughout the works of literature brings mysterious feelings of failure…

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  • Modernism And Poetry In Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

    is saying. Although sometimes I cannot understand all poetry, I find it very interesting to read and analyze. I feel like poetry conveys the emotions of the author to the reader. While discussing Robert Frost’s different types of poems, I fell in love with the poem “The Road Not Taken.” This Poem by Robert Frost is very thought-provoking because it makes one think about what would have happened if one decided to take the other road in life. If a person did decide to take the opposite road, would…

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  • The Western Intellectual Tradition Analysis

    The Western Intellectual Tradition by J. Bronowski and Bruce Mazlish examines different European/American historical periods from the year 1500 to 1900. It focuses on the great thinkers and philosophers from those times, as well as certain historical periods that are considered significant. This essay focuses on chapters 2, 10, 15, 21, and 23. They are about the city-states of Italy, the Royal society, Montesquieu, Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution, and Edmund Burke respectively.…

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  • Summary Of Driving Through Minnesota During The Hanoi Bombing By Robert Bly

    Photographer,” and Robert Bly’s poem, “Driving Through Minnesota During the Hanoi Bombings.” Both of these poems present vivid images of the battle, show the devastating feelings towards war and provide the psychological impact on those involved in war. It is as if the “War Photographer” has captured similar destructive scenes that are described throughout “Driving Through Minnesota During the Hanoi Bombings.” By examining Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, “War Photographer,” and Robert Bly’s poem,…

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