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  • Hank The Cowdog Analysis

    My first concrete memory of writing occurred when I was eight or nine years old. At that point one of my favorite books was the Hank the Cowdog childrens ' series, which told about the misadventures of a self-styled cow dog on a Texas ranch. I was also enamored with the 1960’s cartoon series Underdog, who was essentially a bumbling canine version of Superman. I saw no reason why these two canine protagonists should not star in a story together, so one day for fun I decided to make a crossover…

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  • Isolation In Ann's Home

    The natural landscape and the setting of the story serve as a metaphor for Ann’s sense of isolation. The location of John and Ann’s house is in an isolated setting, therefore miles away from any possible sign of life. The “snow” around the house, like an “impassable trap” encloses their house, confining them physically. The barren, unlively, “snowswept farmyard” further surrounds them every winter, leaving Ann and John to be each other’s only sense of human connection. Not only does the natural…

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  • Oppression In Langston Hughes The Cry Of The Children

    Oppression is when a group of people are being subjected to unjust and cruel treatment. Both the poems The Cry of the Children by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Oppression by Langston Hughes involve oppression. Both poems express this topic in different ways. Elizabeth does it by emphasizing the appalling working conditions forced upon the children of that time. Langston Hughes expresses oppression by revealing what occurs during the oppression of a group of people and to not give up hope.…

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  • Zap Comix Case Study

    Created in 1968 and running until 2016, Zap Comix was a ground-breaking and defying comic book that defied convention and societal law (Comic Code) it became a model for the Comix movement. A comic that has evolved with the ages taking a progressive and often regressive stance on ‘hot topics’ of the time. In Zap Comix Issue 1 Crumb describes himself as a ‘raving lunatic’ through the use of self-caricatures in this case; Flakey Foont and Mr. Natural. Showing from the get-go Crumb wasn’t one to…

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  • Hope In John Steinbeck's Of Mice Of Men

    Is it better to have hope, but risk being disappointed, or to just abandon hope? In the story Of Mice of Men the main characters Lennie and George have a plan to buy a house where they would farm and raise animals/rabbits. Is the plan that important though, could they even achieve it? Lennie and George’s dream was important, even though it wasn’t likely it would happen, because it gave Lennie hope, gave George something he could use to control/guide Lennie, and made Lennie cheerful thinking…

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  • Bartolomeo Vanzetti Fair Trial Essay

    The question of whether or not Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti received a fair trial is still in dispute today. Many people during the time of the case believed that the men were “executed on murder based on doubtful ballistic evidence” because of the hostility towards immigrants due to the Red Scare and World War 1 (“Perfect Suspects, Unfair Trials”). The evidence provided during the trial showed that the men were found guilty due to the fact that they were in anarchist groups and were…

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  • The Use Of Foreshadowing In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    foreshadowing in the most subtle of ways like in the novel Of Mice and Men which is based on a poem entitled To a Mouse written by Robert Burns. Steinbeck uses main characters Lennie and George who face great difficulty in their journey as migrant workers who are striving for their dream of a ranch…

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  • Of Mice And Men Foreshadowing Analysis

    loss of the farm dream, and the death of Lennie. In Of Mice and Men the plans of George and Lennie go “askew”, or awry. This is a parallel to the poem from which the book gets its name. The title “Of Mice and Men” is an allusion, or a reference, to Robert Burns’ To a Mouse.” The poem “To a Mouse” is a type of apology to a mouse that had it’s home…

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  • Mao Zedong's This Land So Rich In Beauty

    .“This Land so Rich in Beauty” is an ink paiting drawed by Guan Shanyue and Fu Baoshi in 1959. The calligraphy is not by either of the painters, but based on one of the poems written by Mao Zedong who is the chairman of the Communist Part. It is the decoration of the government buildings, the Great Hall of the People, and highly praised by contemporaries in all the immense collaborative paintings.(p.218, Art in China) The inscription on the top of the left is a sentence from the poem which named…

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  • Robert Lee Frost's The Road Not Taken

    The Frosty Road Robert Lee Frost was an American poet whose most famous works include descriptions of the American rural scenes and life. Frost is best known for using rural scenes to examine political and social issues of his day. All of Frost’s works include vivid detail of the rural scenery from New England. Many read Frost’s work and only take his words for face value, and not the philosophical usage with in each of these poems. An example of the values distilled within Frost’s poems is in,…

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