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  • Informative Essay On Broken Government

    John Dean, a previous Republican that served as White House Counsel for President Richard Nixon from July 1970 until April 1973, wrote numerous books, a few of which include, “The Nixon Defense”, “Blind Ambition, and Conservatives Without Conscious”, but his book, “Broken Government: how Republican rule destroyed the legislative, executive, and judicial branches”, is an informative book written by a former Republican that tells about how the Republicans current actions have destroyed the…

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  • Johnson Vs Nixon Case Study

    Alexandra Cox Johnson vs. Nixon Kennedy and Johnson started and expanded the war in Vietnam, making it the dominant issue of foreign policy. Johnson escalated the Soviet containment strategy in Vietnam with more ground troops. Johnson wanted to focus on internal affairs like health care but had to address the war he inherited in Vietnam and could not fulfill both domestic or foreign policy successfully. Nixon ended the war in Vietnam, his slogan while running for presidency was “Peace with…

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  • The Tet Offensive: The Vietnam War

    INTRODUCTION The Vietnam war started on November 1, 1955 and ended on April 30,1975. During that time there was many presidents involved for instance, Dwight D, Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Gerald R. Ford. However, the first president that send troops to help and support the South Vietnam and Diem was Eisenhower. Everything changed when Eisenhower gave a speech that it caughts other countries and The main point of this war was to stop communism from…

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  • Bullet The Ap Analysis

    but nixon soon realized that ending the war was premature…

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  • Analysis Of The Blaxploitation Film

    The Blaxploitation films in the decade of the 1970’s are one of the greatest examples of Hollywood benefiting from the independent film industry. African American viewers were demanding to see black actors cast in more prominent and leading roles within films, and Hollywood responded by creating movies specifically for urban black audiences. These Blaxploitation films followed a specific outline that changed the traditional characteristics of the typical white male hero by, "substituting a…

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  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Analysis

    which is a traditional soul food in African American and South-East American cuisine. In particular this reference can be attributed to influential leaders at the time slowly approaching the topic of integration only when it was necessary. Though Richard Nixon took the first steps to start desegregation in the south it was a long process and was far from the integration of culture that many civil rights leaders wanted. In particular his Vice President Spiro Agnew took no action when he was given…

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  • Capitalism Promotes Inequality

    Although Richard Nixon 's “war on drugs” legislation was destructive, Ronald Reagan use of executive power intensified the “war on drugs”. In Reagan’s second term as president, the media publicized the use of crack as a drug that promotes violence and “ the most addictive drug known to man.” (Newsweek.1986). As the public concern of the drug grew bigger, Reagan called for a “war on drugs” like Nixon did. This lead to the creation of the “ 1968 Drug Abuse…

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  • Why Is John F Kennedy Important To The Family President

    The American Burden President to the Family President The people of the United States have continued their quest of the American dream for the entirety of history. The years following the 1960’s proved that the opinions of the American people on government do dictate the flow of the country. The 1960’s initiated with a young President in John F. Kennedy and the rhetoric of the American people placed the government as a burden on the people. It was not until the Presidency of Ronald Reagan that…

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  • The Checkers Speech By Richard Nixon's Speech

    the public made on September 23, 1952, by Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States. Nixon had been accused to of using money from a fund established by his campaign funders to reimburse him for his political expenses. It was a half hour speech televised from Los Angeles with the purpose of persuading the public into supporting him, attack his opponents, and to give off the persona that he was an “average joe”. Nixon relies on mainly on ethos to make the…

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  • Analysis Of Eisenhower Diplomacy: Guns, Butter, Nukes, And Space

    Savanna Walker, Assignment 8, July 11,2017  "Eisenhower Diplomacy: Guns, Butter, Nukes, and Space" In the Introduction lesson, the thesis seems to be that Eisenhower was so effective in the use of his power and influence that he managed things such as: a balanced budget, keeping the economy stable, the containment of communism, and ending the war in Korea. In 1952, Eisenhower only spent about 1/10 of our annual budget and the Soviets had spent so much money they had to choose between guns or…

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