Reagan Revolution Dbq Analysis

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Political turmoil and reconstruction of the Republican Party was prominent throughout the Reagan Revolution. Although the “new age” conservative ideas gained immense support during the years of the Reagan Revolution, the foundation for the "reinvented conservative platform" were actually paved by previous iconic conservatives, Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon.

President Reagan’s idea of the breaking the dependence of the citizens of the United States on the Government could be seen throughout Senator Goldwater’s presidential Campaign. Senator Goldwater called for reconstruction of the relation between the government and its citizens. Goldwater believed that the dependent relationship gave the government excessive power, claiming that “we
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Nixon noticed the percentage of the federal budget that was spent on entitlement programs, and sought the reduction of the amount of money being funneled through to these programs. Nixon, in an acceptance speech for the nomination for president of the United States, claimed “we have been deluged by Government programs for the unemployed, programs for the cities, programs for the poor… it’s time to quit pouring billions of dollars into programs that have failed in the United States of America” (Doc. C). Richard Nixon also presented a sense of nationalism throughout his speech and inferred that these socialistic programs are preventing the United States from progressing past its enemies, such as the Soviet Union. President Reagan similarly presented the Soviet Union as a threat to the United States, emphasizing that the Soviet Union is “the focus of evil in the modern world” (Doc. D). President Nixon and President Reagan implied that the socialistic entitlement programs are belittling the United States and inhibiting its …show more content…
President Regan, similar to Franklin D. Roosevelt, had many enticing characteristics that were major factors of their political success. Both President Reagan and FDR became president at pertinent times, when the nation was struggling from an economic downturns. The people of the United States looked for political figure whom they could the trust. President Reagan’s and FDR’s charisma and articulateness made them ideal political figures whom the people trusted to rehabilitate the

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