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  • Essay On My Favourite Holiday

    teeth. Although now I have to wear a retainer, so my teeth do not go skew again. For the first week I have to wear it 24\7 unless I am eating or drinking of course. For the second week, in the afternoons after school and at nights, once again with the exception of eating or drinking. Then for the third week, and for the rest of the year only in the evening. For the second year after removal of braces, every second night. I do not feel at all like the retainers are a problem, as long as they keep…

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  • Common Causes And Treatment Of Oral Ulcers

    provider. • Avoid excessive alcohol use. Oral Hygiene • Avoid physical or chemical irritants that may have caused the ulcers or made them worse, such as mouthwashes that contain alcohol (ethanol). If you wear dental braces, dentures, or retainers, work with your health care provider to make sure these devices are fitted correctly. • Brush and floss your teeth at least once every day, and get regular dental cleanings and check-ups. • Gargle with a salt-water mixture 3–4 times per…

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  • Becoming An Orthodontist In Dental School

    As human beings, we tend to not often take the best care of our teeth that we should. Many people, mostly children, tend to practice behaviors that lead to distortion of the detention. These behaviors include, but are not limited to, thumb sucking, premature removal of teeth and lip sucking. Sometime our detention is rearranged due to hereditary genes. Whatever the cause is no one enjoys having a smile that they or others find unattractive. Luckily, a special practice dentist called an…

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  • Lars And Pollution Case Study Solution

    Case 12: Lars and Pollution Who has moral responsibility for deciding what to do? In this case we are introduced to Lars Olsen, the current CEO of Electronic Manufacturing Incorporated (EMI). Lars is faced with the ethical dilemma of deciding what to recommend to the board with regards to reducing the cost of recycling their electronic products. EMI is a large manufacturer of wireless mobile devices located in Berengaria, along with all of their consumers. The Berengarian government has…

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  • Personal Injury Case Analysis

    The Main Concepts in a Personal Injury Case Introduction No one personal injury lawsuit is exactly the same, however, the legal procedures are basically the same. In the legal industry, paralegals and attorneys use the verbiage, "fact pattern" to describe a case. For a personal injury case to exist, the fact pattern needs to have a person or persons to be injured in some way. This type of person(s) is known as the plaintiff. The plaintiff tries to seek legal redress from the party or parties…

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  • The Importance Of Hospitals

    The invention of hospitals has forever changed the world. Hospitals were invented because rulers in India and the Abbasid Empire saw their people suffering because of a lack of proper medical care. They wanted to change that, and they did by creating a place where anyone could receive treatment, regardless of their social class or net worth. Hospitals have spread around the world, and are saving millions of lives along the way. Hospitals evolve to fit the needs of society, but stay true to…

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  • Pediatric Dentist

    thumb or pacifier. The dentist will assess the patient's teeth alignment and discuss further treatment such as braces. They will also check for an imperfect bite such as an overbite or underbite. This call also be corrected with braces or with a retainer. Dentist are an important aspect of the health of a child. Early preventative care ensures that the child will go on to care for their teeth and overall oral health. Children should be introduced to the dentist early on, around the age of one…

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  • Compare And Contrast Machiavelli And Samurai

    only focus on maintaining the appearance of virtue rather than actually being virtuous. In contrast, the samurai argue that a ruler must actually be virtuous in order to properly lead his people. They claim that “[if] the master acts correctly, his retainers will perform well, even if given no commands. But if the master acts incorrectly, even though he gives commands they will not be followed” (Nobushige 12) In the samurai society, the ruler leads by example and his actions serve a guideline…

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  • Samurai Influence On Japanese Culture

    In Japan, Samurai were of the military elite during the medieval and early-modern period. In Japanese, they are known as bushi or buke. By the 12th century, the word samurai became synonymous with bushi. It was closely associated with the middle and upper ranks of the warrior class. Usually associated with a clan and their lord, the samurai also followed a set of rules that later came to be known as the bushidō. Although the samurai numbered less than 10% of Japan's former population, their…

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  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi Legacy

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi saw a burning Japan. As he looked over his country he realized that since Oda Nobunaga was gone, he would have to take control. Japan was in ruins and there was no central power. The country continued to shatter as daimyo (Military Rulers) fought each other day after day for territory. Then three people set out to restore Japan to its once peaceful society. One of these three is Toyotomi Hideyoshi. This great general avenged Oda Nobunaga and continued his remarkable legacy…

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