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  • The Merit System

    that is simultaneously too involved and insulted from politics. Public sector personnel systems are likely going to become more businesslike and more political in the future as the government adjusts the process to fit the needs of the nation. As the success of public programs depend on qualified people who work in the public section, attracting qualified and competent workers is necessary. The process of personnel management is one of the most important tasks in the public…

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  • The Accrual Basis Of Cost Volume Profit Analysis

    decrease cash and increase accounts payable c. increase cash and increase accounts payable d. decrease cash and decrease accounts payable Objective: Evaluate financial statements of nongovernment organizations. 6. The accrual basis of accounting recognizes transactions’ effects on financial statements in the period when _____. a. revenues are earned and expenses are incurred b. cash is received or disbursed c. the transaction occurs d. the accounting equation is decreased…

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  • Washington's Defeat At The Battle Of White Plains

    george washington and his army as they retreated from New York City following a series of British victories earlier that summer. Washington attempted to make a stand on the stretch of high ground to allow for orderly consolidation , evacuation of personnel and much needed supplies. British forces under General Lord William Howe failed to trap the Continental Army on Manhattan but were still able to envelop this position on critical piece of terrain and force Washington’s army to retreat. The…

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  • Low Back Pain In Nursing

    An extensive search was made of the scientific literature published from 1988 to 1998 for studies on low-back problems among health personnel. The focus on the last 10 years was chosen because of the rapidly changing work situation at hospitals, nursing homes, and other types of nursing institutions. Low back pain is caused by multiple factors, generally categorized into physical, psychosocial and lifestyle factors (Habibi&Pourabdian, 2010). Psychosocial factors at work have been shown to play…

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  • SERVQUAL Model: Service Quality And Quality Management

    expectation of staff responsiveness and instructs the staff of the same, but fails to train the staff to fulfil expected service. GAP 3 rises as quality specification and service delivery contrast with each other. This arises due to failure of service personnel to successfully carry out the functions. For example, when a hotel advertises on friendly staff and the experience with staff is not satisfactory a gap is…

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  • Medical Errors In Managed Care

    That cost could be rather large, even though the change in the amount of the good is small. For example, suppose services in a hospital safety personnel have gradually become disabused of a long-standing but incorrect belief: that harm-causing medical errors, such as wrong-side surgeries or retained surgical instruments, result from a single individual doing something wrong. The organizations might identify and manage unsafe practice deviations before they become normalized…

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  • Freedom In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

    information on how long the fingerprint information would be retained, nor whether the information collected would be used for other purposes other than the control of admission to the theme park.” This piece of information is important because, it gives one a better understanding about the guest not being fully aware of what is happening. Some of the frequently asked questions about theme parks using fingerprints are, are passes collected, retained or stored by the theme park or others and who…

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  • Human Resource Management In The Maersk Group

    being operational to strategic. In the past, Human Resources were more commonly known as personnel services or personnel managers. The personnel manager role and function was primarily administrative. The primary responsibilities of personnel managers were hiring, training and the processing of employment forms. Often, the person who was in personnel was dual purposed, meaning that they filled in or covered personnel as one of their tasks, but it wasn’t a full time job. However, as employment…

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  • History Of The Council Bluffs (IA) Fire Department

    member of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) forming Local 15. Membership with the IAFF is an affiliation that the labor force of the CBFD still maintains today. During the mid-20th century, the CBFD continued to grow, adding personnel and stations as the population of the city expanded. In 1950, the leadership of the CBFD recognized the potential value of fire safety education and began staffing a fire prevention bureau for the first time in its history. By 1970, the…

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  • Human Resources

    and recognize the hard work of employees; this is the function of the total rewards and compensation area. An example of these areas working together can be in the process of recruiting and hiring executives. Often time executives are recruited and retained by companies with the promise of high salaries, stock options and hefty…

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