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  • Sense Of Sight In R. Carver Lola Helms Cathedral

    “Cathedral” by R. Carver Lola Helms He uses the sense of sight to show what the blind man is deprived of, but he also uses the sense of touch in order to show what the blind man has. Because the blind man has no sight, he could not read or watch television. When he fell in love with his wife and married her, living all those years by her side, he could not see her. He had no idea what she really looked like, and she passed away without being able to see herself…

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  • The Blind Man In Ernest Hemingway's Cathedral

    In the story Cathedral, the narrator's mood changes from being jealous in a way to feeling connected with the blind man. In the beginning when he talks about the blind man he speaks in short sentences and avoids certain topics. Throughout the story he likes talking about his relationship with his wife and all of their good times. He likes to make jokes about the blind man saying things like "maybe I can take him bowling" and things of the sort. Gradually through the movie the narrator becomes…

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  • The Singularity

    The evolutionary prize in our world is something humans overlook every day. It’s the power of our human brain that lets us sense the very world we live in. To touch, smell, visualize, listen, taste, and think are exactly these things that we overlook and are the answer to furthering human evolution. Humans have achieved the power to change our behavior, society, ways of life, and aspects of our physical form, thus breaking the connection with natural selection. Ray Kurzweil, a well-known…

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  • Ray Kurzweil's Technological Singularity

    The concepts Ray Kurzweil puts forth in the documentary The Transcendent Man are both intriguing and frightening. Kurzweil discusses Technological Singularity, also referred to as the “Accelerating Change Thesis”, and it’s meaning as “…a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed…” Many of Kurzweil’s ideas or predictions regarding the changing of our technological world, stemming from…

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  • Raymond Carver's Neighbors

    Raymond Carver was a well-known American short story writer and poet. Neighbors, which was published in 1971 and Cathedral, which was published 10 years later, was two of out of many short stories that he wrote. The short story Neighbors is about a couple, Bill and Arlene Miller, who were left to take care of their neighbors’ apartment while they were away on a trip. While house sitting, the couple spends time at their neighbors’ apartment and becomes interesting in their possessions. As time…

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  • Film Noir: A Literary Analysis

    Film Noir started when American film change its context to a much darker subject matter due to the aftermath of World War II. Based from the article of Christopher McColm, McColm gathers information to review the book “Blackout: World War II and the origins of Film Noir” whose author is Sheri Chinen Biesen. In the book, Biesen argues that the term noir emerged during the war era. Noir authors used the concept of post-war American angst to relay to the audience that noir fiction tends to…

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  • The Role Of The Narrator In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    In the story the “Cathedral,” by Raymond Carver this is a story of a blind man named Robert gets invited to the narrator’s house. The narrator didn’t like that Robert was coming to his house, but he didn’t have a choice. The narrator didn’t want Robert in his house because he was blind. The narrator’s wife helped Robert in the summertime by reading reports. She is particularly kind toward Robert, more so than she is to her husband, which makes the narrator jealous. One night, Robert went to the…

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  • Looking Vs. Seeing In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    in a society where people are solely judged by their appearance. We allow the media and the internet to develop our opinions. Most of us no longer take the time to get to know each other and it's rather unfortunate. The short story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is very relatable and is a great example because it deals with the idea of looking versus actually seeing. One might think that those two words are interchangeable but Carver shows that seeing has a deeper meaning. In this essay, I will…

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  • Summary Of Singularity By Paul Alan

    In the article, Paul Alan makes a claim that contradicts the claims made by Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge regarding “singularity” stating, “While we suppose this kind of singularity might one day occur, we don’t think it is near. In fact, we think it will be a very long time coming.” Alan lays out the article by providing the claims Kurzweil mentions in his article, and provides statements and evidence that contradicts them. He begins his article by providing the main thesis statement and claims…

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  • Art Vs Anime Research

    What comes to mind when I say the word anime? Maybe you cringe. Maybe you think “that's what my little brother watches.” Maybe you don't really have any thoughts or opinions on the matter. Or maybe, like me, you are thinking of certain people's claims that anime is the best form of art, and you are itching to prove them wrong. Well don’t worry my friend, because I have wrote the perfect column for you. Now maybe some of you don't know me so well, so I'd like to tell you that I consider myself an…

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