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  • Art Vs Anime Research

    What comes to mind when I say the word anime? Maybe you cringe. Maybe you think “that's what my little brother watches.” Maybe you don't really have any thoughts or opinions on the matter. Or maybe, like me, you are thinking of certain people's claims that anime is the best form of art, and you are itching to prove them wrong. Well don’t worry my friend, because I have wrote the perfect column for you. Now maybe some of you don't know me so well, so I'd like to tell you that I consider myself an…

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  • Controversial Relationship Between Theodore And Samantha In Spike Jonze's Film Her

    Remember the romantic, controversial relationship between Theodore and his AI operation system Samantha in Spike Jonze’s directed movie “Her”? Immersed in a climate of love and moving, we applaud as Theodore and Samantha crush into each other, shed tears when Samantha says to Theodore, “I’m not like you, and at the end, moan when Samantha leaves. Not unlike normal relationships at all, “Her” depicts a situation in which artificial intelligence is no longer artificial when they tend to love,…

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  • Raymond Carver Cathedral Analysis

    Can a person learn something from communicating with someone else? For some people connecting with new people is difficult and one might question the idea of connecting with new people. For example, in Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” The narrator is unhappy about the blind man Robert coming to stay at his house. Then, the narrator starts to enjoy Robert’s company. While, they are watching T.V. Robert tells the narrator to fetch a piece of heavy paper. Lastly, the narrator and Robert draw a picture…

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  • Realism In Tobias Wolff's 'Bullet In The Brain'

    Tobias Wolff’s short story “Bullet in the brain” is written as though it was a film and this rhetorical manner evokes a visual, a sonorous, and a neurotic feeling. Yet, even though it seems like a movie, there is a realism to it. Wolff generates a sad ending from the most ordinary thing a human could be doing and this is expressed through the eyes of the story’s narrator that knows how to bring the important details to light. The point of view greatly influences the construction of the story and…

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  • Raymond Carver's Short Stories

    Raymond Carver is best known for his work as a short story writer, he started the minimalist movement, releasing popular collections of short stories like "Cathedral", the Pulitzer Prize nominated "Where I 'm Calling From" that came out shortly before Carver 's death, "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love", & "Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?". Carver helped bring life back to short stories at a time when they were thought to be going away. He was born on May 25, 1938 in the state of…

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  • Carver-Cathedral Analysis

    The print media has its own differences from the electronic media and that is has in the connection that it makes with the mind. Whether we talk about print media or electronic media the connection it establishes with the audience is actually what makes the difference. I would want to establish this fact as per the Print reading of the “Carver- Cathedral”. The story makes a beautiful connect with the audience as it clearly states of what a person looks like, what is he feeling at a particular…

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  • Henry Ford Negative Impact

    The Negative Impact of the Internet on Intelligence During the First World War, the Chicago tribune wrote an article about the world famous industrialist Henry Ford. In the article, Ford was referred to as ignorant amongst other scathing remarks attacking his intelligence. Ford, obviously, didn’t take kindly to this and filed a lawsuit against the paper for libel. The lawyers for the Tribune were so confident, that they put Mr. Ford on the witness stand, and asked him a long series of questions…

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  • Little Things Carver

    “Little Things” written by Raymond Carver demonstrates how lost hope in a family develops regularly throughout the world today. This is significant, for Carver creates a short story with minimal usage of explanations to inform readers of how couples take the road to hell. You can describe his writing as an unspoken story; stories where much of the author’s writing is implied or understood without being spoken. Our minds take in information and create scenarios from his writing with what was…

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  • Theme Of Heritage In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    In Cathedral, a short story written by Raymond Carver, the narrator seems to have a kind of dysfunctional type of relationship with his wife. The wife seems like a kind and emotional person while the narrator is kind of closed off emotionally. This differences can sometimes lead to small arguments like the one they had when he offered to take the blind man to bowling “God dam it, his wife just died! Don’t you understand that? The man just lost his wife! (Carver, 1983)”. Even though, the man is…

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  • Life Changing Moment In Ernest Hemingway's Cathedral

    Life Changing Moment: Analysis Essay of “Cathedral” “Cathedral” is an eye opening tale about a man and a blind man named Robert becoming aware that there is more than what meets the eye. Throughout the story we realize the man who is the narrator and has the ability to see is more blind than the man who is medically diagnosed as “blind” an irony to say that a man who has no vision can see more than a man who has perfect 20/20. We can perceive this by lack of insight he lacks towards his wife,…

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