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  • Ta-Nehisi Coates's The Dream: An Unachievable Illusion

    Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “The Dream”: An Unachievable Illusion The word dream is often used interchangeably with the words aspiration, ambition, goal, hope, wonder, and fantasy. People dream about their future career paths. People dream about winning the lottery or one day owning a luxury sports car. In their sleep, people even dream about flying like their favorite superhero character. For Ta-Nehisi Coates, dream does not mean the same as society typically thinks. In his well-received memoir titled…

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  • A Dizzying Blur Of Woozy Book Report

    Chapter Eighteen A Dizzying Blur of Woozy Tuesday, 11:30 a.m. The way Chance saw it escape was futile. “Look, we’re tied up.” He walked over to a window and glanced down. “And we’re on the third floor. Unless you’re suggesting we hurl ourselves through the glass and dive to our deaths. Besides, this place is infested with guards.” I realized he was right. Men were prowling like packs of wild hyenas, lurking in the shadows, waiting to devour us whole. “If we did manage to flee, which is…

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  • Ryea Rouge Grace Rose Character Analysis

    A pin in a hay bail Cast of characters Ryea Rouge Grace Rose 1. Ryea has messy brown hair that is always swept into a braid, she has freckles peppered across her beautiful pale skin, and her ever-changing color eyes are very cool. 2. She is usually happy or at least pretends to be, only her closest friends can really tell. When Ryea was in 4th grade she was stolen from the Kahrye village and forced into the harsh school where you are trained as guard, watcher, combat trainer, emperor,…

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  • I Never Had It Made By Jackie Robinson Character Analysis

    reporters. Beals faced many challenging experiences that would change her life, another piece of evidence that relates to this main point was in paragraph thirteen, the text states, “ Some of the white people looked totally horrified, while others raised their fist to us. Others shouted ugly words.” When treated with such actions and spoken with such language, Beals was stuck with the image which might not hurt her much, but there is always going to be there with her. When Beals was treated like…

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  • Mangus: A Short Story

    friend.” “That it will be, Mangus.” They each carefully slipped wooden protectors over their blades since neither man wished to receive any serious injuries if they happened to get a little over zealous during their match. “Shall we begin?” Travin raised his blades and swung them toward Mangus’ head which he managed to block successfully. Travin moved much faster than he thought possible as he continued to parry Travin’s attacks. Repeatedly Travin advanced and lunged until he was forced to…

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  • Short Story: The Dead Don T Talk

    “Everything was going as planned until the bear’s severed fist punched a judge in the nose.” He held up a trophy. “Still won second place.” “That’s cool,” I said. “Guess what we saw at Willaston Place?” “What?” “The ghost of Captain McBride.” Twist nearly dropped his cup. He was terrified of millipedes, and even…

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  • Mary Crow Dog: How Hard Being An Indian Woman

    Entry 1: How White Men Affected Her In the beginning of the book, Mary Crow Dog immediately tells the audience about how hard being an Indian woman is in the face of white men, through repetition and examples like: “I am a woman of the Red Nation, a Sioux woman. That is not easy.”(Crow Dog, pg. 3) and “It is hard being an Indian woman.”(Crow Dog, pg. 4) She says that she is a victim of sexual violence because she is not respected due to her race and gender, “At age 15 I was raped.”…

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  • Analysis Of 'The Party I Ve Never Dreamed Of'

    “The Party I’ve Never Dreamed Of” “Don’t forget to put up the flyers I gave you guys! Benton Harbor is such a small city that I basically knew everyone, and I wanted everybody to help me celebrate for my open house and after-party. Not only were my schoolmates invited to it, but the whole community was also. Everyone knew my open house and after party were going to be the biggest event of the year. Mine wasn’t an ordinary open house because we were having an after party too. We had catered…

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  • Themes Of Rebel Without A Cause

    As World War II ended and the start of the Cold War began, the 1950s was a time that our country was feeling the victory that it had just achieved and the prosperity that had resulted. Industry production was booming, consumer goods had found a new popularity, suburbs were emerging, and the growth of growth of the southwest was visible. In Rebel Without a Cause, the themes of the 1950s were shown greatly throughout. Rebel Without a Cause is about a troubled teen, Jim Stark, who’s family moves…

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  • Disaster In The Kite Runner

    What is a disaster? The Merriam Webster defines a disaster as “something that has a very bad effect or result”. For example, disasters come from many things. Most of which are created by other people’s actions. For example, in A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, the author subjects each girl to have gone through a certain monstrosity from Rasheed, the main antagonist in the novel. These later on can become defined as a disaster, because the two women are left scarred and terrified,…

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