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  • Popular Music Case Study

    performers and, ultimately, helped to lead the “pop” of the music industry. 5. Contrast Tin Pan Alley songs before and after “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”. Answer- Before “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”, songs in Tin Pan Alley were more classical, storytelling, and narrative like. They also consisted of sentimental waltz songs and operettas. After the “Alexander Ragtime Band”, Tin Pan Alley songs became more casual and expressed a carefree attitude. They also encompassed free thought and dynamic…

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  • History Of Jazz Music

    1890’s - Ragtime o West African (folk music/rhythms) European influence • African slaves went to America however at first their style of dance wasn’t received well. Some of the slaves later on went to Europe where their dancing was recognized. African jazz with European influences then made its way back to America. African Slaves→America→Europe Jazz→ Europe→America • Ragtime • Syncopated rhythms (marches, waltzes, other classic rhythms…) o Tommy Turpin (piano) Harlem Rag → the first Ragtime…

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  • Slavery, Pain, And Consequences Of Jazz Music

    “Where words fail, music speaks.”-Hans Christian Andersen (Phillip). Jazz was not born on a specific day. It formed over years of slavery, pain, and discrimination. Jazz music led to the exploration of the pain and troubles of slaves and African- Americans went through during the course of many years. Slave music is the basis of jazz music. In 1619, the first slaves arrived in America (Shmoop). Slaves could not speak poorly of their masters, so they used songs to speak in code (History). Often…

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  • Jazz Concert Observation Essay

    Observation The concert that I attended was a jazz concert. The concert started off with music. It was during the intermission, the musicians introduced themselves. The music is not written down on the program. Rather, it was stated orally. The group of male musicians was consisted of a pianist, drummer, bass, and saxaphone. Many times, the group would be playing a polyphonic texture. However, there were other times where they would suddenly change into a heterophonic texture. The heterophonic…

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  • How Did Jazz Develop In New Orleans

    on a main beat,” (Gridley, 45) and is a characteristic that is widely associated with Jazz. This characteristic takes its roots in both Africa and Europe, but it is predominately known in Africa. While the highly rhythmic nature of Jazz comes from ragtime and the blues (and therefore African in origin), other characteristics are European in origin. Improvisation is a major part of Jazz and “it has been an important element of music since the beginning of time, and only recently in history was it…

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  • Autobiography Of An Ex-Colored Man

    arrives with some of his friends, and they go out to clubs at night. In these clubs, Ragtime, a popular style of music, starts to spread. The way Ragtime sounds capture Johnson’s thoughts into wanting to play the piano again. As the music starts to play in the club, Johnson thought, “This was ragtime music, then a novelty in New York, and just growing to be a rage which has not yet subsided” (Johnson 46). Ragtime inspires Johnson to start…

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  • Analysis Of The Forms Of Capital By Pierre Bourdieu

    accumulate cultural property. That is why I posit that there is a fourth state of cultural capital; an achronological state. The achronological state is valuable because it removes the possessor from reality. Hence, why it is called “a” chronological. Ragtime and The Tain both contain examples of the achronological…

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  • Black Face Minstrel Analysis

    The syncopated dance music had a great influence on the Ragtime music. Many songs in the minstrel show were famous and were successfully adapted to piano songs as ragtime music. Also, later in 1900s to 1940s, we could still find some reflection of minstrel show music in New Orleans Jazz and Urban Blues. It built a great foundation of note composition and rhythm…

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  • Popular Music: A Reflection Of Irving Berlin's Music

    In the early part of the twentieth century, Ragtime was very popular genre of music (Denison 13). To benefit from the popularity of Ragtime in 1911, at the age of twenty- three Berlin published the song “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” in which the young Berlin attained international fame and recognition (Denison 13). In 1912, after “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” gained international popularity and shortly before his twenty-fourth birthday Berlin married…

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  • Racism In Popular Music

    You can trace a variety of different themes through music’s long history, but the one I have chosen to trace and the one I learned the most from is racism. Racism has been an issue in American culture from the very beginning, as shown through history and the horrible issue of slavery. Racism also shows its presence in music as well. Before taking this class, I had never thought about the implications that race had in the musical world besides the obvious use of slang and references to race in…

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