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  • History Of The Harlem Renaissance

    Alain Locke, and Dorothy West, who all wrote about their lives as African Americans living in a prejudice Caucasian America. In addition to writing, many Africans Americans funneled their feelings into music. Jazz, a type of music created from ragtime and Dixieland genres combined, was launched into the music scene by Louis Armstrong. This style of music gave African Americans an outlet for their souls to sing and tell of the stories of their struggles as slaves and then as the major targets…

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  • Jazz Music: The Period Of The Harlem Renaissance

    To millions of Americans, jazz was the most notable part of the Harlem Renaissance. Borrowing from blues, ragtime, and other popular forms, jazz musicians developed an ensemble style in which individual performers, keeping a rapid ragtime beat, improvised over and around a basic melodic line (Henretta 674). Such as all good music it has a way of bringing people together. Most of the early jazz musicians were black, but…

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  • Struggles In America Analysis

    Struggles In America In America at this time there were many struggles with racism that we encounter In the ECM James Weldon Johnson crafted a character in the ECM to show us the Struggles in America. In the ECM James made a character a protagonist without a name who was mixed to show us all the struggles America went through. The characters mother was an African American Single Parent. His father was a white man who we see one time. When we see his father he gives him a necklace that he…

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  • The Clash Of Culture In The 1920's

    because of how popular the genre of music became. Jazz was providing a new spin on music and dance, the Charleston was common. Jazz is a combination of African folk music with European harmonies and is usually improvised and was the main influence for ragtime, blues, and…

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  • Examples Of Monologue

    and that this isn't possible, but I know she told me not to follow this rag-timing parade. The dirges they sang and played were nothing new, but after that dead big shot was put into that grave, the same songs they sang became so syncopated, so ragtime, that my hands started shaking! But mother’s voice is pounding my head by now, and I’m just about to run out of this graveyard like a shot! I know she’s gonna kill me! But in the future, I’ll be playing to my own syncopated rhythms with a wonky…

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  • Duke Ellington Research Paper

    age of 7 he started learning piano and got the nickname duke. He wrote his first composition ‘soda fountain rag’ at the age of 15. He was awarded an art Scholarship in the Pratt institute in Brooklyn, New York, Ellington followed his passion for ragtime and began to play professionally at the age of 17. When Ellington was 7 years old, he began his piano training He took lessons for the same from Marietta Clinkscales. His Friend Edgar McEntree gave him the nickname “Duke” because of his casual…

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  • Black Bottom Dance In The 1920's

    own. However, it is known that Black Bottom came from a similar dance style popular among African Americans in the 1920s known as “Echo”. There is not much information to be found on the history of Echo dance, but because it was popular during the ragtime era, it was probably high angry fast pace movements done by a heterosexual couple, in nightclubs and various other “party” and dance locations. “The Original Black Bottom Dance”, a song written in 1919 by Perry Bradford from Nashville,…

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  • Roaring Twenties: The Rise Of Jazz During The Harlem Renaissance

    The foundations of these defining characteristics stem from blues and ragtime music that was brought to America by West African slaves during the 19th century. This was a popular genre of music for the newly arrived African American slaves as they sang about hardships that were universal and understood by all. However, subsequent…

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  • Paula Lind Ayres's Sacrifice

    combat. These groups became known as the “singing army” and are interesting due to the fact that these artistes put themselves in harm’s way to help alleviate soldiers. The second interesting ‘quote’ is a string of quotes, “She determined that ragtime… most of the boys are singing with me” in which they discuss how Paula Lind Ayres was able to develop a “treatment” for those affected with shell shock. Her initial investigation found…

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  • Analysis Of St. Louis Blues

    Listening to the music produced by Bessie Smith called St. Louis Blues, some musical aspects come out clearly. Coming to be known as one of the fundamental jazz plays in history, it has comprised of the blues aspect in the rhythmic flow, a quality that had not been explored. The song by Bessie Smith uses the famous saxophone as the foremost redundant melodic flow that accompanies by Bessie Smith singing. There is also the vibraphone that is played in the background. The combination of these…

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