Product liability

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  • Unit 8 Health And Safety Case Study

    Question 7 – Across more than one Learning Outcome (30 marks)- 1500 (a) identify, with justification, one significant employers’ liability risk facing the sports centre. (3)-150 Employee Slips & Trips in Restaurant - As the risk manager I would consider the risk of slips and trips of employees working within the premises, particularly the restaurant. Slips and trips are a big problem in catering areas, employees “working in kitchen and food service environments are more likely to be injured through slips and trips than by anything else.” Health and Safety Executive. (2012). Due to the fast-paced environment in the kitchen it makes it more likely that these types of incidents would occur. Slips could happen to waiters who are frequently walking through the kitchen area back to the service area were customers are dining, they could be particularly vulnerable to slipping on spilled produce in the kitchen area that hasn’t been cleaned properly. “Most slip injuries happen on wet floors or floors contaminated with food debris, this is…

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  • Burger King Case Study

    As no express contract is alleged between the parties, we assume that the asserted warranties are implied warranties set forth by the Ohio Uniform Commercial Code. See R.C. 1302.27 and 1302.28.3 But the Ohio Products Liability Law has preempted the Nadels' warranty claims. R.C. 2307.72; 2307.73; Saylor v. Providence Hosp. (1996), 113 Ohio App.3d 1, 680 N.E.2d 193; Raitt, The Preemption and Economic Loss Provisions of the Ohio Product Liability Code (1991), 16 U.Dayton L.Rev. 583, 586-589;…

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  • Toyota Case Study: Meaning Of Product-Harm Crisis In The Business

    Product-Harm Crisis – Toyota Case Study Meaning of product-harm crisis. One may characterize a product-harm crisis as an abundantly revealed episode of a product deficiency, unhygienic, injurious to patrons, and “costly” to organizations (Cleeren, Heerde, & Dekimpe, 2013, p. 58). Cleeren et al. (2013) found a product-harm crisis more often than not impacts the whole manufactured category type of goods. This situation elicits a stern adrift sales and product recall. In the same pursuit, the…

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  • Essay On Self Driving Technology

    Technology is increasingly growing in every Direction, Example includes Medicine, Transportation, Education, Defense, etc. In First Article “Self-Driving Technology and Autonomous Vehicles: A whole new world for production liability Discussion” Author Roy Alan Cohen Analyzes the how Production liability will work, and how the People’s claim will increase the issues regarding it. Transportation as we know it would be impossible without the quantum leaps in technology that have taken place over…

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  • Widget Case Study

    company President are being sued for damages caused by the installation of their product in Texas by a local handyman hired by Widget Co. Even though the Widget was incorporated in Delaware, California is considered the headquarters because business is conducted from that location. Civil law can generally be divided into two categories: substantive and procedural. Substantive law can be explained as the law of the land or local law. Procedural laws are involve the actual manner of how…

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  • Case Study Of Inadvertent Disclosure

    pertinent to inadvertent disclosure, is Mr. Beene required to return the privileged documents when (1) the products liability team inspected each document included in the discovery; (2) the amount of inadvertent disclosures was miniscule; (3) the degree of disclosure was rather small; (4) Mr. Fitzgerald requested the return as soon as he became aware; and (5) the client has a right to prevent disclosure of confidential communication, as well as an attorney having a responsibility to notify an…

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  • Definition And Calculation Of Financial Ratio Analysis: Financial Analysis

    year 2016 to 2017. Therefore, despite of small increase, it is good indicator that return is increasing. Operating Profit %: There is decline in operating profit which indicates that operating expense has increased from year 2016 to 2017 which require control. Gross Profit %: Gross profit is also decreasing from 30% to 36%. This fall is indicator of increasing cost of sales. Fixed Asset Turnover: This ratio is satisfying as sales are generating from fixed asset efficiently. Current Asset…

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  • Personal Accounting Case Study

    a. What is accounting and how does it help you manage your personal finance? b. Describe the three products of accounting and bookkeeping procedures that are most useful in personal financial planning. C. How could personal financial software assist you in your personal financial decisions? Accounting is one of those tools that make complex things like a huge sum and its breaking down through somehow diverse and seemingly unrelated activities look relatively easy to grasp to us as we strive to…

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  • Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods Case Study

    percent. A balance sheet for a similar time period is shown in Exhibit 2, and selected industry ratios are presented in Exhibit 3. Note the industry growth rate in sales is only approximately 10 percent per year. There was a steady real growth of 2 to 3 percent in gross domestic product during the period under study. The rate of inflation was in the 3 to 4 percent range. The stock in the corporation has become available due to the ill health of a current stockholder, who is in need of cash.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Apple And Samsung

    If we use the debt ratio formula which is “Debt Ratio = Total liabilities/ Total assets” we can calculate how much the company’s assets are debt and if you do the calculations we the following numbers .346 for 2011, .329 for 2012 and 2.99 for 2013. With the numbers decreasing it means that the company has less dependence on leverage, this lower ratio suggests that the company has a much stronger equity because it is using less borrowed money and thus the company is much safer. Another way we…

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