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  • Hatchet Quote Analysis

    If one day, everybody disappeared from your life, and it was just you to survive, do you think you could? Well if not, how long do you think you could survive on your own? In the nail-biting novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, Brian finds himself on the ground in the Canadian Wilderness. After the plane crash, there was nobody around to help him. It was a miracle that he was saved after fifty-four gut-wrenching days. He struggled many times, but used the materials he had to somehow craft weapons and…

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  • Treadwell Vs Mccandless

    Imagine walking into the wild while abandoning everything ever known in life such as family, friends, place of residence, and even daily hobbies and pastimes in an attempt to dissociate from society just to experience freedom, or prove a cause that many find unnecessary and life threatening. Although it may seem like an adrenaline rush for some, there is a very slim chance for survival given the surroundings and circumstances. The author of Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer, reveals Chris McCandless…

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  • What Is The Moral Of Into The Wild Chapter 13 And 14

    After reading Into the Wild chapters 12 13 and 14, I had a lot of thoughts about the family background and why Chris would discard everything and get into the depths of the wilderness and start his own wild life without any hesitation. Chris’s inharmonious relationship with his parents, especially with his father, was one of the main causes that drove him away to the deserted, frigid Alaskan wild. Chris’s unquenchable anger towards his father was normal, however, unjustified. He would never be…

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  • Stuart Banner's How The Indians Lost Their Land: Law And Power On The Frontier

    The interwoven nature of Native American relationships with the White men created a perplexing dynamic, with an unyielding spirit both within the invaded and the invaders, throughout the entirety of the two’s interaction. Like most history, this story could be told through multiple lens, whether it be trade relationships or military motives, however Stuart Banner chooses to drive this narrative with attention to the means of which Indians and white Americans exchange land. In his rendering of…

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  • Intertextual References In Into The Wild

    Jon Krakauer's use of his own personal experiences, intertextual references, and McCandless journal entries to piece together McCandless motive for going into the wild and therefore, defending McCandless decisions. Jon Krakauer's purpose for writing Into the Wild was to explain exactly what happened to Chris McCandless and what led Chris to go into the wild. Jon Krakauer connects himself with the subject of identity throughout the novel by comparing his personal experiences with Chris McCandless…

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  • Super Chief Documentary Analysis

    Native Americans have continuously been removed from their land to adhere to the business interests of gold miners, the casino industry, and oil miners. For the purposes of this assignment, I viewed the documentary "Super Chief" as well as "Native American Boomtown". By viewing these documentaries, I will answer the question of what happened to the money that was made, and how it was spent on the reservation. Both documentaries talked about money fraud in the government, and how the citizens of…

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  • Kaw People Vs Absentee Landowners

    Battle over land ownership and the movement of the Native American’s off of their land is part of the American story. As whites moved across America, the Indians were moved to less desirable land. In the two essays that I wrote for this class, Kaw People and Absentee Landowners the interesting connection between both essays is that not only were the Indians moved off the land but settlers and their descendants who wanted the land were priced out of the land in Chase County. Both essays are…

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  • Chris Mccandless, The Hero In Into The Wild, By Sean Penn

    In Sean Penn’s film “Into the Wild”, Christopher McCandless, is not a hero. Throughout the movie there are times he can be more of an antagonist: influencing the people he meets to see their own lives through the same lenses he views his own. Furthermore, throughout the film Chris struggles with two evils. He faces the evil in society of Man vs. Man. The constant need for materialistic possessions, success, wealth, and prominence. The struggle against power, control, and laws which govern our…

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  • Bill Bryson Neither Here Nor There Analysis

    I have chosen to write about Bill Bryson and his experience in Sweden. Bill Bryson is a backpacker from Iowa who is famous for documenting his culture shock experiences in a humorous way. This time, he writes about Sweden in one of his pieces called “Neither Here Nor There” and in it he includes how Sweden is a country that is hard to understand. It is my firm belief that Sweden is not a country that is as hard to understand like Bill Bryson makes it seem as long as you have an open mind. In…

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  • Andrew Jackson: The Future Of American Democracy

    Andrew Jackson was one of the most powerful presidents in the nineteenth century and often viewed as being the future of the American democracy. As a president, he was not a friend of the Native American population to say the least. This was no surprise considering the numerous campaigns he had led against many of the Indian tribes along the Southern borders as a major general. In his rise to presidency, inequality was very much present, especially among the Native American people. Jacksons view…

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