Persuasive Essay On Asphalt Vs Concrete

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Sometimes there may be a need to build a retaining wall after an asphalt paved surface has been installed. If you’re considering building a retainer wall adjacent to, or top of an existing asphalt surface there are some important things to consider before you begin building the wall. Here is how to make sure you have a sturdy wall that does not compromise your asphalt.

Retainer Walls on top of Asphalt vs. Concrete Surfaces

Asphalt pavement is a common material used for parking areas and driveways in lieu of concrete. It is durable and easy to maintain with proper maintenance. One difference between an asphalt surface and concrete is the depth of the fill underneath. Concrete surfaces will often have a deeper, firmer base.

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It will either begin to crack with problems spreading into the surface, or the wall itself will settle compromising it’s strength. Either problem will eventually cause problems in your asphalt surface and you could possible lose the wall.

When there is room to dig a wide and deep enough trench for your wall’s foundation, you will not have a problem with any size retaining wall. However, if there is not room to dig a foundation between the end of the asphalt surface and the start of the wall, you will need to cut away a portion of the asphalt equal to the width of the wall. Again, building a wall directly on top the asphalt is not a wise solution.

Before you start a wall, or begin to decide what steps you think you can do yourself, consult with a professional asphalt paving company. They will be able to check the depth of the base under your surface and determine if the weight of your proposed retaining wall will be a problem.

If it is imperative that you cut the through your asphalt to establish a foundation for your wall, they are equipped to professionally complete that job also. No matter why you want, or need a retaining wall, be sure to consult with a knowledgeable asphalt contractor before you build it on top of an asphalt

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