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  • Advantages Of Responsible Government

    Responsible government and separation of powers are the two most widespread forms of democracy in the modern world. Responsible government was born in England and is now a regime that we have in Canada. First, it emerged to give more independence to the colonies, but later became fully independent from the Crown, except Crown 's formal duties. USA, on another hand is build on principle of separation of powers, to ensure freedom from England, tyranny or any kind of usurpation of power. In this…

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  • International Relationships In The 20th Century

    Cold War ended in 1990 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. International relations were also uneasy in Canada for a long time. Quebec wanting to separate from Canada was a big problem and it caused a lot of havoc even to the point where Pierre Elliot Trudeau had to enact the War Measure Act, the first time it happened without a war happening. Quebec felt that they were outsiders in Canada because of their French culture against the English Culture. There was even a terrorist group called…

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  • John Stuart Mill On Freedom Of Speech

    Islamophobic content that, (from the complainant’s point of view) allowed for no opportunity to be countered. There are parallels between John Stuart Mill’s work On liberty and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms enacted by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on what boundaries to place on such a precious liberty. Both generally conclude that a person’s freedoms must not be infringed upon unless they harm others in society. Does the publishing a critical opinion of one’s religion constitute as…

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  • Narrative Essay On Goan Identity

    When I ask my grandfather what nationality he identifies with, his response is always Kenyan-Goan, instead of Canadian. Yet, he chose Canada as the place to bring his family. Canada is still young compared to the rest of the world, and in this sense lacks cultural definition. Like people, places have their own distinct identities as well, and Canada’s identity is rooted in being a place for those who lack place. Which happens to be the case for my Goan ancestors, their identity is characterized…

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  • Differences Between Canada And Us Constitution

    The U.S and Canada are very similar nations. They occupy the bulk of North America, share the same history of the British rule and rely on each other for trade and prosperity. These two sovereign states exhibit the same aspects and perceptions of the constitution and political culture. The constitution is defined as a government body that “lays down the ground rules for governance” (Larry, 2011). It also “constitutes the government” and “set up structures, offices and lawmaking procedures”…

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  • Roberta Joan Anderson Research Paper

    Roberta Joan “Joni” Anderson is a talented musician, singer-songwriter, poet and painter. She was born on November 7, 1943. As the daughter of Bill Anderson her father who was a trumpet player in the Canadian marching band, officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and a grocer and of Myrtle Anderson her mother who was a schoolteacher. Joni was born in a Canadian town called Fort Macleod in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as an only child. As a child in Saskatoon, she was able to take piano lessons…

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  • The Phio War: Causes Of The Phony War

    * Phony War * Period between 1939- 1940 * there was very little combat as both sides built up their armies and arsenals * Axis * Alliance between Germany, Italy and later Japan * The 'Blitz' * in September of 1940, bombings of London and other major cities occurred in what the British called `the Blitz` * Italian Campaign, 1943 * in July 1943, Canadian, British, and American forces launched an assault on the Italian island of Sicily * by…

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