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  • Tribe Royalties Case Study

    Introduction The overview, in this case, extends out of the 1938 amendment regarding tribe royalties. A coal lease involving the Peabody Coal Company and the Navajo Nation (United States v. Navajo Nation). Navajo Nation is a federally recognized Indian tribe within the United States. Better known as the Indian Mineral Leasing Act of 1938 (IMLA) (United States v. Navajo Nation). The Secretary of the Interior approved an amendment to the lease which allows Indian tribes to lease mining rights on their tribal land to private companies. The Navajo tribe in 1964 signed a lease consenting Peabody to mine on the tribe 's land. The contract with the predecessor of Peabody Coal Company stated for every ton of coal mined from the land the Navajo tribe would receive in return royalties of 37.5 cents (United States v. Navajo Nation). After 20 years, the agreement had the possibility of renegotiation. By 1977 the required minimum was set at 12.5% by Congress after the Navajo tribe requested new rates to be established by the Secretary and the Director of Bureau of Indian Affairs (Perdue, 2009). The Peabody Coal Company agreed to this reduced percentage moving forward. In…

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  • Benefit Of Homework Essay

    dispute that students are not constantly learning at school, as a result of time spent in lunch, recess and/or study hall, and passing time. With considering these times in which students are not learning, it is still estimated that students receive approximately five hours of education on a daily basis during the week. In addition, time spent on homework after school takes away from time students can spend outside playing and developing social skills. It is important for students to have…

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  • The Organic Machine Summary

    Every inch of it is exerting energy in some sort. To navigate through this, not only was muscle needed, but also knowledge of how it works. This energy is often used throughout the flow of the river, which varies throughout. One thing that the newcomers had learned from the natives was to stay near the edge. This is because the current is not as strong near the edge, due to the friction caused by the land. The current of the river has a different measure throughout it, due to friction. The…

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  • Reflection Essay: Many Things I Like And Dislikes In The Class

    Reflection paper There were many thing that I like and disliked from this class. One thing that I liked about the class was that we did not physically have to attend the class. That was nice because I got to sleep in a little more. That also left extra time for me to work and put in a couple more hours. What also came beneficial with this was that we got to do our work when we wanted to. This was nice because there would be days that I would be extremely busy and I wouldn 't have time to…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Chemical Engineering

    Chemical Engineering From all of the engineering fields, I decided to pursue a chemical engineering degree because of its ample area of study. Chemical engineers not only work evaluating and optimizing chemical processes, but also they must analyze production costs and develop reports according to the data they obtain (“Occupation”). As soon as I finished high school, I was interested in studying Chemistry; I wanted to research and experiment. Then, it was when I learned about the engineering…

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  • Thermal Niche Experiment

    Introduction: To fully understand the investigation, there are three main definitions to keep in mind. Thermal Niche is a development in which natural selection forms adaptation for an organism through temperature. Acclimation is the process for the organism to become accustomed to the climate change. Fitness is simply the survival of an organism, however, in the investigation, locomotion is more suited due to the focus on the affect temperature has on the organism’s performance. For this lab,…

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  • Gaussian Plume Analysis

    Modelling We aim to model the concentration of pollutants in air (3D space) using the Gaussian Plume Model. Pre Requisite Knowledge The Gaussian plume model is a (relatively) simple mathematical model that is typically applied to point source emitters, such as coal-burning electricity-producing plants. Occassionally, this model will be applied to non-point source emitters, such as exhaust from automobiles in an urban area. Air pollution is represented by an idealized plume coming from the top…

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  • Theoretical Analysis For Hphx's Performance

    Theoretical analysis for HPHX's performance by using dimension analysis theory. Assumptions Steady operation conditions exist. The surface temperature of the condenser section is equal to the temperature of Refrigerant R-22. Properties The exit temperature of air, and thus the mean temperature, is not known. We evaluate the air properties at the assumed mean temperature of 42OC (will be checked later) and 1 atm as following: K= 0.02722 (W/m.K) …

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  • Silicon Rubber Case Study

    Two computation cases were introduced, one with a polyurethane graft and another with a silicon rubber graft. The computations were done under a pulsatile flow. Both cases were computed under maximum peak pressure as mentioned in the method section. The flow volume rate is expressed by integrating on surface as followed: Q=∬_A^ ▒v.dA (5) By integrating flow volume rate in time…

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  • The Second Law Of Thermodynamics: The Purposes Of Energy And Energy

    Introduction Early man relied on fire for the luxuries of light, heat and cooking. Today, all these luxuries are taken for granted. At the flick of a switch, a push of a button or the turn of a knob, instant power is delivered to us. Mother Nature produces the natural renewable resources that can used to generate electricity and heat such as ocean tides, natural winds and the sun. A variety of these resources are finite including fossil fuels such as coal and oil. For the 21st century, coal, gas…

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