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  • Propofol Case Study

    Introduction Propofol is a short-acting intravenous anesthetic drug with an excellent recovery profile having pharmacokinetic characteristics particularly suitable for continuous infusion [1,2]. Although propofol is commonly used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia in obese patients, little is known about its tolerated and effective dose in such patients [3]. Obese individuals have larger lean body and fat masses compared to non-obese of the same age, gender, and height. The altered…

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  • Why Do We Kill Animals?

    chocolate, grapes, raisins, avocados, or nuts because they are filled with toxins that could cause the dog to get very sick or potentially die. The most commonly used animal in the labs, monkeys, has been able to take in high doses of a drug called Paracetamol, a medicine that relieves pain and fevers, but for humans, this drug would be extremely deadly. When given the drug that humans use on a regular bases such as Aspirin, cats, mice, and rats were very intoxicated by the drug. The…

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  • Importance Of Biopharmaceutics

    Biopharmaceutics This is the in-vivo or in-vitro study of various physiochemical factors including developmental and design factors affecting the rate and extent of drug absorption with regards to the pharmacological effect of the drug. Biopharmaceutical studies use this result to improve likely problems that could arise from poor drug absorption and increase the bioavailability of newly formulated drugs. The main purpose of biopharmaceutical studies is to increase, monitor and maintain the rate…

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  • Student Nurses: Transition To Graduate Practice

    9052: Transition to Graduate Practice Student ID: 3129030 Assessment name: Assessment 1 Word count: This paper will discuss about the issues that student nurses may encounter upon entering a new role in the graduate nursing practice. It includes some personal challenges in regards to fitting into a group of health care professionals and being part of a team, managing of tasks on time, professional challenges such as practicing the profession with full confidence and availability of support…

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  • Personal Narrative-My Personal Journey

    she said back to me. Those words reassured me that I was going to be okay. Every hour, a nurse had to come in and take samples of my blood. They told me they were checking my blood levels to make sure the pills didn't fully take their course. My paracetamol levels jumped up and down every time they took samples. Every time my levels jumped, my heart dropped. I had made a mistake that I might not be able to take back. Luckily, my samples never got higher than they should have been, or I would…

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  • History Of Animal Testing

    Animal testing has been around for a long time with some unpleasant history. With the expertise in technology not being as advanced and innovative as it is today with using other alternative methods, scientists had tested their theories on animals. Animals used in research experiments go back to the early Greek physician scientists such as Aristotle, Erasistratus and Galen. Galen practiced in Rome, where he conducted animal experiments to develop the understanding of anatomy, physiology,…

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  • Definition Essay: The Line Between Apathy And Peace

    The line between peace and apathy is often very thin. In fact, on the surface it is very easy to confuse one state with the other, and the interpretation of our experience - as to whether we experience peace or apathy, depends upon the lenses through which we decide to judge ourselves. Peace ( is defined by feelings of being undisturbed, calm, composed, balanced, secure and patient. Apathy (…

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  • Language And Communication Barriers In GP Surgery

    Access is the right or opportunity to use or look at something: The system has been designed to give the user quick and easy access to the required information(, 2014) . In a GP surgery this could mean access to information about an illness or information about themselves. According to oxford dictionaries 2009, "A barrier is an obstacle or circumstance that keeps people apart or prevents communication or progress." Barrier to access are factors that hinder or prevent…

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  • Rug Interactions

    rug interactions are the harmful or beneficial effects of co administered medicinal products, these interaction may be synergistic or antogon istic pharmco kinetics or pharmaco dynamics, drug interactions exists between drugs anddrugs, drug and foods, drugs and herbs, benefits effects include convenience . Reduced toxicity and reduction. ANTIHISTIMINE, ANTIHISTIMINE, ASTHMA, ANALAGESIC, TYPHOID, HYPERTENSION, TUBERCULOSIS ANTIBIOTICS, FILARIA, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, ANTIPYRITIC, ANTICANCER…

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  • Satire Essay On Homeless People

    It’s sad that there are so many homeless people. Every where you go, you see at least one homeless person on the side of the road holding a sign saying, “Need Of Food. Anything Will help.” It’s a huge probem for the society. If they were to get sick then they might not be able to go to the doctors unless they were dying. If they were to get stabbed or shot when no one’s around, then peope wouldn’t notice, even when the body is found. If you were a homeless person, how would you feel? Would you…

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