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  • Estimation Of Raloxifene Hydrochloride

    3.7 ANALYTICAL METHOD FOR ESTIMATION OF RALOXIFENE HYDROCHLORIDE IN HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY USING ACETONITRILE:0.05M AMMONIUM ACETATE (33:67) AS MOBILE PHASE 3.7.1 For Plain Drug Estimation Mode Reverse Phase HPLC Column C18 Detector UV Spectrophotometer Mobile Phase 0.05M Ammonium Acetate (pH 4): Acetonitrile Sample Raloxifene Hydrochloride in Methanol HPLC Flow Rate 1 mL/min Injection Volume 20µL Retention Time 4.6 min Λmax 289nm A stock solution of Raloxifene Hydrochloride was…

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  • Bathua Case Study

    1) Cures Constipation: Having irregular diet or not having fiber or water in food can cause constipation resulting in irritation in normal days. It can cause painful diseases like piles or anal fissure. Bathua have high fibre content which helps to smoothen the bowel movements. A good start in the day makes everything easy and perfect. Bathua helps to maintain the level of right fibre in the body. 2) Blood Purifier: Teenagers now-a-days are very concern about their beauty and looks. They…

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  • Vaccination Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

    Disadvantages of Vaccines What is a vaccination? How do they benefit individuals? Is there any harm that can come from receiving a vaccine? A vaccination is defined as the injection of a killed or weakened infectious organism in order to prevent the disease. Scientists make vaccines by first making the pathogen, or disease-causing microbe, in mass amounts in a laboratory. The pathogens must then be altered to ensure that the disease is not actually triggered. Alterations of these pathogens can…

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  • Acetaminophen Analysis

    Introduction Acetaminophen, otherwise known as paracetamol or by the brand name Tylenol, is the most widely prescribed analgesic and antipyretic for minor cases.1-3 It is one of the only such medications recommended by physicians as safe for use during pregnancy.1-3 It is also popularly given to children…

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  • Zika Outbreak Research Paper

    The Zika Outbreak The Zika virus is an emerging new illness that may have more consequences than originally thought. Ever since an outbreak in Uganda in 1947, the world attempted to fully understand Zika, but even now, the medical community cannot quite comprehend everything about it. As more cases of the virus are being reported, people are attempting to combat and eradicate the illness using old and new methods. If the Zika virus continues to spread, future generations may receive the heavy…

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  • Noncompliance In Nursing

    Noncompliance with Medication checking and administration protocol The administration of medications as a nurse is one of many skills a professional nurse, recent graduate nurse, and even a nursing student should take seriously and be proficient in practicing. Medication errors are common in many of the healthcare settings around the world, the causes may be different in each facility, with deviation from the protocol being one cause (Gill, F., Corkish, V., Roberston, J., Samson, J., & Stewart,…

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  • Home Based Childcare Case Study 4. 5. 6. CYPOP 5.1. Policies and Procedures required to operate a registered home based childcare service Accidents, illnesses and emergency Policy Accident/incident * The safety of the children in…

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  • NHS System In Crisis

    The NHS: A System in Crisis? Can you imagine a Britain without its National Health Service of which we used to be so rightly proud? When it was inaugurated on July 5th 1948 by Aneurin Bevan , Minister of Health, there was great rejoicing and the demand was inconceivable because its main principle was to meet the needs of the entire population. Can we honestly say that it still achieves these goals? Although I agree that the NHS has laudable aims, it is surely obvious that so many years later…

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  • Alkalosis Case Study Essay

    The most likely cause of Connie’s respiratory alkalosis revealed in her VBG results is that when a patient is hyperventilating i.e. asthma exacerbation which causes an increase in respiratory rate, which results in the blowing off of more carbon dioxide (Larkin & Zimmanck, 2015). This is revealed in Connie’s low reading of 38mmHg for her PvC02, and as CO2 decreases so does the H+ ions in the blood which results in the alkalosis (Larkin & Zimmanck, 2015). The nurse should encourage Connie to…

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  • Day After Pill Research Paper

    about them being sexually active. Or they could not feel comfortable for anybody knowing. Some of the teenagers can get the pill, there is an age restriction. If you have headaches or cramps after taking the pill, you can use another pill called paracetamol. Also, aspirin or other medications that are alike. If feeling sick from the pill it is good to drink milk and eating snacks. Taking the pill with food can cause stomachaches. Taking medication an hour before medication can make you feel…

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