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  • Nuclear Weapons Case Study

    proposed a resolution at the Council of Delegates in 2011 in support of the elimination of nuclear weapons. This was adopted by 186 national societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) • The HINW initiative began with a conference in Oslo, Norway in March 2013, attended by 128 countries. o The UN agencies addressing the conference were very clear that they would not be able to effectively respond to the humanitarian and environmental catastrophe that would be created by…

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  • Olive Tree Symbolism

    The agriculture industry in Palestine is crucial to the economy, and is the pillar of their food security. However, the agriculture industry in Palestine is being controlled and restricted by the Israeli government. Israel continues to use the Palestinian agriculture as a means to inflict collective punishment on the Palestinian people to confiscate more land in the Occupied Territories’ (OT). Israel continues to confiscate Palestinian agricultural land and aquifers by denying Palestinian…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Kiss Vs Klimt

    second painting being compared to Klimt’s The Kiss is Edvand Munch’s painting which is similarly named The Kiss and was created in 1897 with oil on canvas. This painting is about 99 x 81 cm big and is currently located in the museum The Much Museum in Oslo, Norway. This painting inspired Gustav Klimt’s painting and both…

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  • The Nobel Peace Prize

    She got many and many stories about she was taking care of the poor, the ill, and about controversial concerns as it is abortion. In her acceptance speech, Mother Teresa expressed her gratitude for receiving the price. The speech was delivered in Oslo, Norway on 1979 by the so honored Mother Teresa with a very important audience from governors, royal family, members of the Nobel committee of course, and peculiar guests. Mother Teresa wanted to convince her audience and all the world that…

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  • How Does Memory Affect The Brain

    reads often, well you are less likely to get alzheimer 's.Lack of literature is not the only thing that can affect the size or ability of your brain. Sleep can affect it as well, the jointed study performed by the researchers at Oxford University and Oslo University in Norway found that adults who slept less than 7 hours a night had an increased likelihood of suffering from brain shrinkage. Even though brain shrinkage may not seem like a huge problem, it does decrease our brain’s cognitive…

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  • Post Colonialism Research Paper

    Post-colonialisms and Feminisms: The Impacts of Double Colonization on the Female identity in Season of Migration to the North by Altayyeb Saleh , Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe’s and The Inheritance by Sahar khalefa Introduction Does post -colonialism theory have multiple phases like feminism? Is there a fixed postcolonial female identity? What are the impacts of double colonization on the female identify in colonized societies? Post-colonialism is defined in anthropology as the…

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  • Sophie's World By Jostein Gaarder

    The book entitled “Sophie’s World” was written by Jostein Gaarder, who was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1952. He was an intellectual author that teaches high school Philosophy. Gaarder often writes about Philosophy and its main Contribution to the society and oneself. He published his first book in year 1986 and one of his best-sellers is the Sophie’s world that was published in year 1991. Sophie’s world is a novel that talks about a girl named Sophie who explored through the History of Western…

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  • The Importance Of Peace

    The post-conflict period is vital in establishing a healthy peace (Onubogu). If the root causes of the conflict are not addressed, states will remain fragile, ready to spiral into conflict at the hint of discord. An integrative approach introduces cross-cutting educational and training programs to achieve a sustainable peace. An awareness and understanding of differences is crucial to address the underlying causes of conflict. Peace practitioners will enhance the capacity of peacebuilding by…

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  • Vietnam War 1955-1975

    The Vietnam War (1955-1975) This is perhaps the hardest of all US wars. First, moral, and ambiguous. As was the case in the war against communism, Rata suppress nationalist self-determination. Secondly (and it is), and it can be very confusing. US interests are not always clearly defined Abed. As a result, US policy leg twisted after ED "Americanized" just war "Vietnamize" He and Pat O years later. Thirdly, in the case of the Vietnam War, which was part of the dream. In the name of defending…

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  • Vikings Influence On American Culture And Society

    Tryggvason reunified Norway and established Christianity as the main religion. In 1028, Canute, the Danish king of England, invaded Norway. He was a strong supporter of the Viking religion and culture. Several years later, Norway's current capital of Oslo was founded in 1050 as a military post to guard against Danish invasion. Norway's time as a nation it important to Norway, because it helped to develop main Norwegain ideas and what they wanted when they were a country. Norway time as a unified…

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