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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Flexible Budget

    1. Define a flexible budget. Provide an example of how a flexible budget is used in the real world. A flexible budget consists of adjusting expenditures according to the evolution of real incomes. So we get a budget with real results. The flexible budget is restructured according to activity levels, which is why it is a good performance evaluation tool and useful for any planning. Just like its good odds the flexible budget has its disadvantages as well. It may be a good tool but…

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  • Warehouse Sales Division

    Therefore, the manager could improve their salary by increasing sales in terms of volume or in terms of margin (Net Profit / Sales). The third component of the plan is related to the asset turnover and return on sales, but comes into play by determining the volume of investment. For that matter, they are considered operating assets allocated to each branch (store)…

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  • Essay On Daylight Saving

    “Who would think you could cut one end off of a blanket, sew it on the other end, and have a longer blanket?” (Dudley) The answer is obviously no. However, this is what happens when daylight saving time is used an hour of light is taken from the beginning of the day and added to the end, for the purpose of getting more daylight. Daylight saving is a time, starting in the spring, when the clocks are set one-hour ahead, then set back in the fall. It is used throughout the many countries, including…

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  • Financial Wellbeing By Dan Ariely And Gallup

    1. Dan Ariely and Chapter 3 - Financial Wellbeing (Gallup) make a similar point about relativity when it comes to our salaries and material possessions. Explain this point then discuss how this relates to a person's ability to build wealth over time. Both Dan Ariely and Chapter 3 in Financial Wellbeing make a similar point about what relativity has to do with personal salaries and material possessions. In both sources it shows how when people are give two options such as “making $50,000 while…

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  • Case Study Of Replacement Theory In Operations Research

    Grant, (2017), simplifies the diagram. He states that the results can be fetched from the last column. The pattern of the movement is derived from the average total cost (ATC). At first the cost starts dipping from US$ 13000 till it reaches US$11850 in the cell H8. From H9 it again starts increasing. This cost at which the ATC is lowest in a particular year (after which it starts increasing again) gives the optimum replacement period and cost of the vehicle and thus H5. The Replacement Theory…

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  • Case Study Of Kraft-Heinz Mergers

    Case Study of Kraft-Heinz Mergers In the late March of 2015, two investment firms – 3G Capital and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway invested $10b and created a new merger company, The Kraft Heinz Company (NASDAQ: KHC). It is a merge between Kraft Foods Group (Kraft) and H.J. Heinz Company (Heinz). This merger will make them the third largest Food and Beverage Company in the North America and fifth in the world (CNBC, 2015). The H.J. Heinz Company was founded in 1869 by Henry John Heinz with…

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  • Importance Of Capital Asset Pricing Theory

    Capital market theory is a description and the prediction of the progression of the capital. Capital market theory is used to measure the returns wanted by investors and the intrinsic risks involved; it is model that is used to price assets and most commonly used is to price shares. It is most definitely important response to financial judgment making. Besides that, Capital market theory develops a model for all unsafe assets and ads on the portfolio theory. For the development of capital market…

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  • An Analysis Of Liquidity Ratio Of Sun Pharmaceutical Limited

    Liquidity Ratios of Sun Pharmaceutical Limited: The above table – 2 shows the liquidity parameters to measure the liquidity position of the Sun Pharmaceutical Company Limited for ten years. Current Ratio: Current ratio shows working capital position of the firm. It is also known as a working capital ratio. It shows excess amount of current assets than current liabilities. It is used to judge firm’s short term capacity to pay off its obligation. Current Ratio = Current assets/current liabilities.…

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  • Bharat Electronics Limited Case Study

    The stocks chosen by me for this project are: Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) - NSE: BEL - Sector : Electricals State Bank Of India (SBI) - NSE: SBIN - Sector : Banks-Public Sector Trading day 1 - 18 Aug, 2017 Decision - Bought BEL - Rs.182.25, SBI - 278.50 Reasons for buying BEL stocks: 68.19% promoter holding by president of India as reported by the company on 31 march 2017. BEL’s long term debt to equity ratio for the last 5 financial years has been 0 which means the company has been…

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  • Islamic Unit Trust Case Study

    8.0 WHAT IS THE PRICING MECHANISM. The flow of pricing mechanism in Islamic Unit Trust The Fund : Apex Dana Al- Faiz- I Unit holder (Mr. Aiman) go to the Maybank (Trustee) and give a capital in order to buy a unit of Islamic Unit Trust. For example Mr. Aiman have money amount RM10 000, he give Rm10 000 to the Maybank as a trustee. Maybank will pool the money that also comes from other unit holders and give to the Apex Investment Services Berhad and professional manager will manage…

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