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  • Plagiarism In Fanshawe College And St. Sober College

    known as “Plagiarism”. It means using the work of someone else without giving any credit. It is important to avoid the cheating because it can be a theft. Most of colleges consider it. Although both Fanshawe College and St. Clair College emphasize the importance of protecting an environment of intellectual integrity, St. Clair College has a policy that is even harsher towards students. Fanshawe College has a simple policy regarding plagiarism. They focus on cheating offences and plagiarism is…

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  • Cryptomnesia Case Study

    has the authors’ credentials. 4. The author is a respected authority on the topic and has published several articles. His work has been cited by many other researchers. 5. What reasons do students give for cheating? What can be done to prevent plagiarism? (Sisti, 2007) 6. Several other studies have been done with college students using surveys. The students…

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  • Student Athlete

    What is a Student athlete? In this essay I will be addressing the definitional issues associated with the term student athlete. The importance of this issue is momentous because of how frequently the term is used in the wrong context. Reading my essay will resolve or cease any confusion or misconception of the term “student athlete”. A student athlete is not someone who puts their sport before any classwork. A student athlete is not someone who doesn't take any pride in doing their own work. A…

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  • Respect For Intellectual Property, Give Appropriation From The Internet

    going to give you a couple of responsibilities that we can use in our daily lives. They are Personal Responsibility, Ethics, Integrity, respect for Intellectual Property, Give Appropriation from the Internet, and Identify ways to Rephrase to Avoid Plagiarism. The first idea that I am going to talk about is personal responsibility. This is a important thing in all of our lives. This is how we go throughout all of…

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  • Plagiarism: A Case Study

    defined as “the act of taking the writings of another person and passing them off as one’s own”. In fact, plagiarism committed in academic society can be likened to fraudulent acts or larceny on the positive law. Just as the intention and the result of given criminal offence are simultaneously considered when discussing criminal acts such as certain forgery, so can the case[s] of plagiarism be approached based on two conflicting perspectives. In the light of ethics which is foundation for…

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  • Plagiarism In Academics

    Plagiarism can be defined as, “The practice of taking someone else’s work or idea and passing them off as one’s own.” In simpler words if you, - Stole and pass off somebody else’s work as your own - Used somebody else’s work without citing it - You are presenting a new idea which already has been presented or copyrighted - Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation - Copying many words, so that it’ll create bulk of your work, then you have committed plagiarism. In…

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  • Writing: 10 Core Concepts Summary

    credit he or she deserves so that you can avoid plagiarism. In Writing: 10 Core Concepts, Yagelski suggests that “The most important guideline to follow when using any source material is to focus on your own ideas and the point you are making.” (743). When you include…

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  • Academic Bias In Academia

    Academic Bias Bias in academia has been going on for years; this is an issue that does not seem to have an answer but argued all the time. Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, made a commencement speech at Harvard’s 2014 spring graduation with an unexpected message; he claims that there is Liberal academia bias on college campuses and that this issue is not allowing their students to expand their thinking. Ron Christie, a government relations expert, wrote about Bloomberg’s speech…

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  • Biby Case Summary

    Facts: Biby was the technology transfer coordinator at the University of Nebraska. One of his responsibilities includes the negotiation of agreements with companies for the research and marketing of new technologies. The university was able to enter into a licensing agreement with Corn Card International for the selling of a new technology. However, another company alleged that the university had granted it rights to market the new technology. Biby was told that the university needed to search…

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  • The Importance Of Hard Life

    Initially, for many students, college can be extremely demanding and strenuous. When a student has other things going on outside of school, their college priorities can be put on the back burner. Lives are volatile, and that can affect one’s performance in education. It is easy to get caught up in life and to forget the responsibilities of college. However, do “hard lives” justify excessive absences, rewrite opportunities, late papers, and/or plagiarized work? Being that, some students…

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