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  • Bilbo Reflection

    He invited Howard Shore to visit the different sets and to meet the cast, because he wanted him to immerse himself as much in the story as possible:"There were many months of reading Tolkien's books, studying Ring mythology and influences of Tolkien," Shore says "I had to do that in order to write, to express any ideas and emotions. [...] I think I´m always writing for an emotional impact. I want to feel something when I watch a film and that's how I create music. I mean, I'm watching a film and…

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  • Racism And Sexism In The West Side Story

    West Side Story is a romantic musical film, that is compared to a ‘ Romeo and Juliet’ story. The musical explores a wide variety of themes. Some of the main themes include racism, sexism and loyalty. These themes are still relevant today however, they may be different to us. The choreographer uses dance throughout wisely, to help get different points across. Racism is one of the main themes throughout and shapes a lot of the film. The two sides Sharks and Jets, Sharks ( Puerto Ricans), Jets (…

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  • How We Listen To Music Aaron Copland Analysis

    sheerly musical plane. The reasoning for listening to music for the pure rhythm and harmony is the sensuous plane. The sensuous plane is where “one turns on the radio while doing something else and absent mindedly is engendered by the mere sound and appeal of the music” (Copland). People who apply this plane to their life tend to listen to music as a release. They turn the music on to drift away into a place that is comfortable to them. The sensuous plane is a vital component to the musical feel…

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  • Analysis Of A River Flows In You By Yiruma And Come On Eileen

    Paper #1 The two songs that I picked were A River Flows in You by Yiruma and Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners. A River Flows in You was released in 2011 by a South Korean pianist and composer. The genre is New age, which is a soothing and relaxing. The next song Come on Eileen was released in 1982 and came from the album Too-Rye-Ay. The genre is a mixture of alternative and indie. Both A River Flows in You and Come on Eileen have identifiable elements of music that are found throughout…

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  • Traditional Japanese Drama Essay

    People do not often listen to traditional Japanese music; but when they do, it is usually considered by most to be very smooth and peaceful. Shinto was one of the earliest main types of music ever recorded; and was also one of their main religions. This type of music was considered free; as people were able to play what they wanted to, but it became formal, as it progressed over the years. Afterwards, the age of Gagaku came about from the Chinese Buddhists, during ancient times; and was…

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  • Analysis Of Maurice Ravel: Bolero

    1) Maurice Ravel composed the piece Ravel: Bolero. In this version it is being conducted by Daniel Barenboim and performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. 00:00 Starts off at pianississimo with just a drum and a pluck of a single cord continuously playing creating the beat for the whole piece. There is a slow tempo at this point. 00:12 What seems to be a woodwind instrument comes in at this point, preforming the main part that seems to be played over and over again throughout the whole piece.…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Career As A Sappy Music Class

    The best thing about college is that it grants you the opportunity to learn about a vast range of topics. Even when something is not part of your major, you can take a class that interests you. That is exactly what has brought me to this class. My major is Environmental Health Sciences, but I was attracted to this class because I love music. I do not claim to know much about music, but I do love it. I hope to leave this class with just a bit more knowledge on the subject. Perhaps I will…

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  • Shakespeare From The Heart Case Study

    A1) For this paper I will be covering Phoenix Productions INC DBA Shakespeare From the Heart (SFTH) SFTH began in 1999 when a group of friends wanted to use their love of acting to help raise money for local charities. The group started with people who loved to be on stage and those who had not ever even set foot on a stage. The group had no formal backing and made everything themselves. They built sets out of ply board flats and tarps. Handmade costumes from clothes purchased by the members…

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  • Examples Of Narrative Essay About Me

    it not only made who my family is but who I am, someone who isn 't scared of a challenge but someone who welcomes it with joy. My passion for writing is something that helps me both express myself and have a way out. Lastly my love for broadway musicals has helped me become the outgoing, and confident person i am today. I know what I 've told you proboñly seems like a lot, but in reality this is just a scratch on the surface, it 's just 3 big puzzle pieces to millions of other small and big…

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  • Cajun Folk Music Analysis

    Programming repertoire for an ensemble is one of the most important aspects of one’s job as a conductor or director. Not only is this facet an important quality to have, but it is also a necessary staring point on the road to a wonderful performance. In this rationale, we will elaborate on a hypothetical approach to this necessary process with an imaginary high school group. General Context The imaginary group, called the Applevalley High School Symphonic Wind Band, is an ensemble of around…

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