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  • Reflection Of A Visible Landscape

    Landscape – THE VIEW • A view is an evolving panorama of many blending facets. • Panorama is a word used to describe a scene that stretches across our filed of view virtually interrupted • A view is a theme, It’s proper realization resembles the musical creation of variations of a theme. • A view is a constantly changing mood-inducer. • A view is a limit of visual space. It transcends the boundaries of the site. It has directional pull. It may evoke a sense of expansive freedom. • A view is…

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  • Silent Film Analysis

    Another significant aspect of creating a silent movie is its music. Because ‘The Artist’ is mostly a silent movie, music played an important role. As in the interview with the composer by Jason Guerrasio as well as biography of Ludovic Bource, it confirms that the man who was responsible for composing the Oscar-winning soundtrack was not very popular in the industry before. In fact, he only composed for a few different movies, including ‘OSS 117: Rio ne respond pas’ also with Hazanavicious. In…

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  • Analysis Of Xerxes By John Mackey

    The next musical work performed by the Alabama Concert Band was entitled Xerxes by John Mackey. This piece begins in a very disjointed and seemingly unappealing way, as the low brass and percussion begin with a homophonic rhythm. The tempo is one of moderato, as it is not fast, yet all slow either. All of the notes are staccato and separate from neighboring notes, which creates a sound that may seem strange or odd at first listen. It is written in a chromatic key, with no clear major or…

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  • Sample Music Concert Report

    For this concert report, I attended a concert at The Runcible Spoon. This was on a Tuesday evening and the environment was different than I thought. What struck me was the environment of the concert. I didn’t feel like I was really at a concert as I thought that I would because of the informality and it being at a concert. From going to this concert, I was able to conclude that concerts at restaurants have a much different feel to them than formal concerts. When we walked in, the musicians…

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  • Seasons Of Love Play Analysis

    Rent, a rock-musical set in New York, follows seven artists working for their dreams of stardom without becoming sellouts. Originating in 1996, Rent was composed by an almost unknown composer at the time, Jonathan Larson. From small beginnings in the Off-Broadway New York Theater Workshop, Rent made its way to Broadway, and became an American hit. This hit musical was written and composed by Jonathan Larson. Living from 1960-1996, dying the morning Rent was to be performed in its first…

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  • Jazz Concert Report

    is a Jazz concert. The various artists features in the concert were Miles Osland who played the saxophone, Raliegh Dailey who played the piano and keyboard, Danny Ceclil with the bass and Paul Deatherage playing the percussion. The introduction musical piece started off with the saxophone as the only voice with a very disjunctive melody. The notes of the saxophone alternating in regular intervals. All other instruments – piano, bass, and percussion joined in as the saxophone stopped…

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  • Middle Eastern Music Essay

    Music from Syria and Beyond: The Melody of Love As an Arab, growing up in the Middle East had contributed to developing my musical identity. The sensational Middle Eastern music has always been a way to my heart. On October first, my musical soul found its home in Paul F. Sharp Concert Hall at the Catlett Music Center. Both Kenan Adnawi and Tareq Rantisi played a major role in nourishing my soul through performing Middle Eastern music by using Oud and percussion instruments. Each Kenan Adnawi,…

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  • The Red Centre Poem Analysis

    those composers, Peter Sculthorpe particularly tends to have strong cross cultural music quotation and musical gestures made in an attempt to capture Australia’s geographical qualities. By borrowing music from indigenous culture, he efficiently expresses the music that very consciously explores the notion of Australian identity. Peter’s use of the material shows a consideration of context and musical synthesis are used to explore cultural…

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  • Sample Wind Ensemble Performance

    On December 3rd, at 7:30 PM, I had the opportunity to go see San Jose State University’s wind ensemble performance. The wind ensemble consisted of people who played piccolos, flutes, oboes, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, horns, trombones, tubas, the triangle, the xylophone, the double bass, and finally, the piano. The wind ensemble performance was conducted by Paul Herrera. Accompanying the band was Michael Martinez, a well-known soprano saxophone soloist. The venue itself took…

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  • Fry Street Band Concert Report

    This last Tuesday, September 20th the Fry Street Quartet performed at the Caine Performance Hall. I was in attendance at this even and my feelings about it are varied. I chose this performance for a few reasons, first was that despite it not really fitting into the rock or pop categories whatsoever I was curious to see if any type of message could be spread by a quartet playing classical music. It is a different type of music for the subject and as the performance went on it became clear it was…

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