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  • The Old Brown Suitcase

    some obvious similarities. Mr. Dunshill is the head principal who has “grey hair with a long thin nose and round glass.” He is the principal of Slava’s new school. In the same way, Mr. Patterson is the principal of Slava previous high school in Montreal. Secondly, both principal have the same gender. However, the…

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  • Len Me Your Light Analysis

    reference point for an individual's identity. Reflections on the importance of cultural identity can be found within the two essays, “Memories of Montreal - And Richness,” and “Lend Me Your Light,” authored by Moses Milstein and Rohinton Mistry respectively. Milstein’s story, describing his vibrant journey to school on the busy streets of nineteen-fifties Montreal, is bookended with guilt and sadness. Sadness that his son won’t share those experiences and guilt for feeling responsible for those…

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  • Movie '42': A Brief Analysis Of Jackie Robinson In The Movie

    school at Washington Middle School, John Muir High school, Pasadena City college, and ending with University of California, Los Angeles. Robinson’s occupation was an American Major League Baseball Second Baseman. He originally started out with the Montreal, Royals which happily ever after changed his life in several ways. Jackie Robinson has a movie that is dedicated to him called “42.” This is a movie about how he overcame many obstacles through this learning experience. Robinson was also…

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  • Immigrant Minorities In Canada

    recently release census data, international migration fuelled Canada’s population growth by two-thirds of Canada’s population between 2001 – 2006 (Stats Can 2011). Almost three-fourths of newcomers arriving between 1996 and 2001 have settled in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Both Canada and the United States have experienced an increase in the regional distribution of entering immigrants. American research shows that a mixture of economic push factors (away from states like California) and pull…

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  • Writing From Obsession By Cisneros Essay

    expression of comfort. As in Cisneros’ personal essay “Ghosts and Voices: Writing from Obsession”, the distance I lived from my family, both literally and metaphorically, helped to shape myself and my voice. Since both my parents originally hailed from Montreal, the majority of my family remains there to this day. While I am quite close with everyone, there has always been a gap between our existences. Furthermore, being the only openly LGBTQ+ member of my family served to form a greater divide…

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  • Skin Cancer: Discussion Questions

    the chemical element in CFCs identified in the article as the element involved in destroying the ozone layer Three atoms of oxygen make up a molecule of ozone Gordon Dobson first measured the wavelengths of UV light reaching the Earth’s surface The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone is the name of the international agreement that limits the production of CFCs Part B Cl + O3 ➞ ClO + O2 and ClO + O3 ➞ Cl + 2O2 The first reaction is a single replacement reaction, and the second…

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  • Pierre La Page Research Paper

    In the year 1800, 13-year-old Pierre La Page never imagined he would be leaving his home (Montreal) to paddle 2,400 miles across the lakes of Cape Cod, but when his father suffers an accident it will be up to him to quit school and take his father’s brutal job as a voyager for The Northwest Company. Worried for her son’s life Pierre’s mother might never see him again because of the brutal waters, crashing waves, and lack of food and water, Pierre’s courage will keep on pushing him to make his…

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  • Globalization In Canada Case Study

    and the railway that connects eastern Canada with western Canada, regions in Ontario and Quebec, mainly around Montreal and Toronto, would stay in the “industrial heartland of the country” (8). There was a rapid move from the agriculture sector to the manufacture after the advancement of industrialization, causing larger factories to move into cities like Toronto, Hamilton, and Montreal. This resulted in “rapid urban growth” and these changes accompanied social problem (8). At this time, due to…

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  • Short Story Of Ambush

    a small town in Quebec in which all of the residents are huge Montreal Canadiens fans. The kids of the town are always on the ice with Montreal Canadiens sweaters but the main character Roch’s sweater has been ripped and had to wear a Toronto Maple Leafs sweater which was not accepted with the other kids. This story is in both categories because the main character, Roch, is challenged by being forced to wear a sweater with the Montreal Canadiens rival team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. While Roch is…

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  • Jackie Robinson's Impact On Sports

    Jackie Robinson made a big impact on all sports especially baseball. He broke the sport's color barrier in 1947. He played for the dodgers for 10 years. On 1947 April ,15 Jackie made his debut for the Brooklyn dodgers. He batted 0-2 with 1 walk and 2 stolen bases. Jackie Robinson was a big impact on sports. Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was born January 31, 1919 in Cairo Georgia. He was the youngest of all 5 of his siblings. When he was 6 months old his father left. His mom , Millie raised all her…

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