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  • Maple Leaf Forever: The Symbol Of Canadian Identity

    The first unifying identity of all canadians is "the maple leaf". An average Canadian is proud of the "maple leaf". Jacques Viger, the first mayor of Montreal, described the maple as "the king of our forest, ..... the symbol of the Canadian people. Maple leaf has become the Canadian identity. Starting from Montreal, new france up to becoming the cost arms of both Ontario and Quebec in 1868, added to Canada coat of arms in 1921, was of a golden colour while representing Ontario while it was of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Commonwealth Air Training Plan

    ACK The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was a major contribution that Canada had made for the Allied war efforts in the Second World War. Canada offered several benefits for the air training plans compared to other countries since they offered huge areas of land to develop training sites and manufacture planes. Canada is also right beside the United States and near Great Britain, which allowed them to have easier access to aircraft parts and transportation of men and their equipment.…

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  • Passover Differences In Popular Culture

    After receiving the topic of this paper I knew there was only one person I wanted to interview. I choose Lola because I have never met anyone who fully embodied her beliefs and culture the ways she does. Besides that, Lola’s culture and childhood were drastically different from my own upbringing, and I was curious to see how different they were. As a Catholic-American who grew up in Mid-West, Lola’s French-Canadian and Jewish heritage offered a window into two cultures I knew little to nothing…

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  • Henry Norman Bethune Research Paper

    Cumulative Assignment Henry Norman Bethune was called many things, a doctor, a politician, a communist, a hero but above all “He was an idealist. He was a dreamer. He was a perfectionist.” A quote from Betty Cornell. ( ). Bethune was a great surgeon who saved many people's lives. He was also a hero in China. They called him Bai Qiuen; it means “White Seek Grace.” This was the closest pronouncing his name in Chinese. Dr. Norman Bethune was a substantial part of Canadian…

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  • Gun Control Laws In Canada

    laws. After the massacre, many red flags got put in front of many Canadians’ eyes. Marc Lepine was clearly not a mentally stable man and some how he was capable of legally getting his hands on a .223-calibre Ruger Mini 14 semi-automatic rifle at a Montreal sports shop (Burke, 14). This urged “more than 500 thousand Canadians [to sign] petitions urging the federal government to ban these weapons” (Burke, 14). In May of 1990, Justice Minister Kim Campbell introduced Bill C-80, which offered some…

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  • Air France Flight 030 Timeline

    17, 1970, Air France Flight 030 departed from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport at 1820 with a final destination of Orly Airport, Paris, France (Aircraft incident report, 1970). Flight 030 performed a scheduled stop in Montreal, P.Q., Canada. Upon departure of Montreal at 2226, flight 030 had no issues to report; however, at 2235 flight 030 experienced a number three engine malfunction, which had a fire warning associated with it, at 5,600 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL) (Aircraft incident…

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  • Air Pollution In Bahrain Case Study

    As you prepare this assignment what is the quality of the air you are currently breathing? What is the air quality of your location? Air pollution is not relegated to the developing nations of our world. The Kingdom of Bahrain is an arid archipelago, consisting of many small islands and reclaimed land, situated in the western central Arabian Gulf. The estimated population of the affluent nation was 1.3 million people in 2014 (Whiting, 2014). According to the World Health Organization, this…

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  • Thérèse Casgrain: Famous Social Activist

    Thérèse Casgrain is not exactly a household name or one that is heard on a daily basis, but it belongs to a woman who was very important and who made many advances that continue to affect Canada today. Thérèse was a Montreal born woman who was heavily involved in politics and was a renowned social activist, world peace advocate who protested against the use of nuclear weaponry. She founded the Quebec branch of the Voice of Women organization, who wanted to achieve rights for women and to achieve…

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  • Imago Theater Analysis

    For a long time, men have always hold their power against women and over shadowed them. Women are forced to depend on men for everything. Luckily, since the 70's, Woman's right have significantly improved, but there still seems to be a main issue which is gender inequality. Since 1909, International Women's day has been celebrated historically all across the world on March 8 every year to appreciate women's achievement's and gives them the opportunity to express their freedom. Feminism is a…

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  • Le Mont-Royal Condos Research Paper

    Safety Residents of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal feel secured as they live in a friendly neighborhood. They are surrounded with the scenic Mile End, Milton-Parc and Côte Saint-Louis. Its location is close to the Montreal metro, the Laurier, Mont-Royal, and Sherbrooke stations. The Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, Jeanne Mance Park and the Lafontaine Park are one of the landmarks of Le Plateau-Mont Royal. Le Plateau-Mont-Royal condos for sale are designed for everyone’s comfort where they can take a walk in…

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