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  • John Gotti: The Gambino Family

    at a meeting of twenty capos on January 15, 1986, Gotti was formally acclaimed the new boss of the Gambino family. At the time of Gotti’s takeover, the Gambino family, with an annual income of $500 million, was viewed as the most powerful American mafia family. In his book Underboss, author Sammy Gravano estimated that during his years as boss Gotti himself had an annual income of not less than $5 million and more likely between $10 and $12 million. To protect himself, Gotti maintained a…

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  • James Whitey Bulger Jr.: Boston's Organized Crime

    James “Whitey” Bulger could just be considered another troubled soul caught up in the wrong things, but he is one of America's most notorious and ruthless mob bosses. Hailing from South Boston, Whitey entered a lifetime of crime a young age and had become a prominent figure in Boston's organized crime scene by the late 1970s. From 1975 to 1990, he served as an informant, tipping off the police and giving information about the Patriarca Crime Family while building his own crime network. After…

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  • Al Capone: Joining The Bootlegging Industry

    committed petty crimes such as stealing, but nothing as serious as what Capone eventually did. He worked in Brooklyn with Yale until he moved to Chicago at Torrio’s request. When Torrio was finally caught, Capone as his protégé inherited the whole mafia in Chicago and became the most powerful and feared man of the…

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  • Essay On The Purple Gang

    Purple Gang, the The Purple Gang was a loosely-bound Jewish criminal gang in prohibition-era Detroit, MI. It began as a group of children of Eastern European immigrants from Detroit’s lower east side who were taken under the wing by mobsters. As the children grew up, they progressed from petty crimes to armed robbery and extortion. After The Damon Act of 1916 prohibited the sale of alcohol in Michigan, the burgeoning Purple Gang focused on hijacking shipments of bootlegged Canadian whisky; when…

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  • Examples Of Organized Crime In The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F Scott Fitzgerald that is set in the 1920’s. The main character, Jay Gatsby, was involved in numerous illegal activities, which allowed him to gain the mass wealth that he used to try and get back the girl of his dreams, Daisy. Gatsby was involved in numerous of the illegal activities of the Prohibition era. Gatsby was involved in corruption, bootlegging, and organized crime. The Great Gatsby is an accurate portrayal of the 1920’s because of, the main…

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  • Summary: Major Golf Tournament

    A TV producer is hired to manage a major golf tournament that will make him rich, but he has to convince his friend, a former golf pro, to join the tournament and then throw the game. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: ARLO CONNOR (33) is a TV Producer in the field of reality TV. When businessman EMMERSSON DINKLEY (50’s) offers Arlo a job managing his golf tournament, Arlo isn’t interested until he realizes he can make a lot of money. There’s one stipulation: Arlo needs to convince his friend, BOOMER, a…

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  • Functionalism In Litchfield Prison

    On the surface, the Litchfield Prison system is extremely dysfunctional, does not provide any structure or regimen for the inmates to follow, and does not serve any purpose in reshaping the inmates, much like any other prison system. From the illegal trafficking of contraband, to the unlawful rape that occurs between the inmates and guards, to the disheartening stereotypical slurs constantly heard throughout the prison, Litchfield Penitentiary does not seem like a place for bettering one’s self…

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  • John Gotti: The Dapper Don

    “I never lie because I don't fear anyone. You only lie when you're afraid” (John Gotti-The Dapper Don). John Gotti, one of the most famous mobsters in history, committed many crimes through his life. He started stealing, fighting and drinking in his early life and was also arrested at least nine times before his twenty-first birthday. This made him very appealing to the Gambino family; however Gotti wanted to be on top. He would soon make it there and remove anybody in his way. John Gotti used…

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  • Famous People 1920s

    Famous People in the 1920s Douglas Fairbanks - He was an American screenwriter, producer, and actor. He starred in many silent films, such as “Robin Hood” and “The Mark of Zorro”. He was a founding member of The Motion Picture Academy and was the host of the Oscars in 1929 (the first). he was often referred to as “The King of Hollywood”, but his career declined after talking was introduced to movies. Charles Lindbergh - An American pilot who flew the first solo , non-stop flight from New York…

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  • Antonio Raimundo Drug Trading

    Known for his notorious drug trades, violent attitude, drug influenced mood swings, and vigorous urge for revenge, Antonio Raimundo was a lonely leader of the American drug trafficking industry. Relatively recognized for his clever drug trades that lead him from being once poor to being one of the most wealthiest men in New York City. Antonio Raimundo was the gateway for the up coming drug dealers like El Chapo after he was killed and exposed for the large amount of money and drugs he had…

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