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  • Slavery: Problems Leading To The Civil War

    The Civil War reduced sectional antagonism and made the United States truly ‘one nation.’ This sectional antagonism was problems that led to the Civil War. Slavery was a big lead to the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln thought that sectionalism shouldn’t exist among the people in the United States. As the war continued it reduced sectionalism of the people in the South. President of the United States forced an end to the existing rebellion. Abraham Lincoln didn’t want sectionalism to come among the…

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  • A Few Good Men Analysis

    A Few Good Men The film A Few Good Men by Rob Reiner is the best example of the judicial drama, a very popular genre in American cinema. It is a dynamic, uninterrupted even for a second, detective intrigue with a great actor's play: one of the best performances of Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon and Jack Nicholson. The movie, edited in 1992, contains some ethical and moral issues related to the judicial system and immoral army orders, which turn into a crime against humanity. On the one…

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  • 60 Minutes Documentary Analysis

    President Bush’s military records that many other news organizations found. The problem in their reporting stemmed from unreliable sources and partisan reporting. It also came from the suspicion of false documents and forged signatures from Lieutenant Colonel Killian that…

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  • Two Military Genius

    impassible. Robert E. Lee found a way through the ravines that was not as deep which allowed them to get around the Mexican defensive lines. Lee’s determination proved victorious for the American army. He received many medals and obtained ranks as lieutenant and colonel for demonstrating military excellence during the Mexican-American War. It was during the Mexican-American War where Stonewall and Lee first met. With Stonewall as his "right arm," this meeting would be the beginning of hard…

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  • The Vietnam War In The Film Apocalypse Now

    Under the influence of war, soldiers become intoxicated by the chaotic environment and seize the opportunity to commit immoral acts. However, several factors including politics, the participants, and the concept of war itself, allow for this dangerous environment to exist; this is especially true in regards to the United States’ experience during the long and brutal Vietnam War. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, photographs from the war, and the film Apocalypse Now convey the nonexistent boundaries…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie 'Code Red As Depicted In The Film'

    that was done by two marines, Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson and Pfc. Louden Downey, which they are accused of killing Pfc. William T. Santiago. However, this incident was the result of a direct order by the platoon commander Lieutenant Kendrick who later was commanded by Colonel Nathan Jessep for “code red”. The reason Santiago’s murder was the breaking of chain of command and written a letter asking for a transfer, in exchange for offering information about an illegal fence-line shooting. The two…

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  • Film Summary: The Vietnam War Film Glory

    Glory is a 1989 war film which portrays the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer infantry in the American civil war (1861-1865). The screenplay was written by Kevin Jarre, inspired and based largely on the personal letters and experiences of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, the novel One Gallant Rush by Peter Burchard, and Lay This Laurel (1973) by Lincoln Kirstein. It is directed by Edward Zwick and stars Morgan Freeman, Cary Elwes, Mathew Boderick, and Denzel Washington as the main characters in…

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  • Bernardo De Galavez Research Paper

    Bernardo Vicente de Galvez, Age 40, born July 23, 1746, in Macharaviaya, Spain. Sadly Bernardo de Galvez died on November 30th, 1786 in Tacubaya, Mexico City, Mexico. Bernardo de Galvez has no surviving descendants or family but Bernardo is still survived by the American hearts as a war hero in the American Revolution. Bernardo de Gálvez family consisted of Matías de Gálvez y Gallardo [Father /Spanish General], Maria Josefa de Madrid [Mother], Jose de Galvez [Uncle and Spanish lawyer], Marie…

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  • Destruction Of Pearl Harbor Essay

    stationed in the mobile radar station were instructed to report anything suspicious to the duty officer at Fort Shafter; that position was held by Lieutenant Kermit Tyler. Sailors Elliot and Lockard, both inexperienced, were stationed at the Opana mobile radar station on the seventh of December, 1941. When he saw something alarming, Private Elliot contacted Lieutenant Kermit Tyler and according to Theodore Taylor in, Air Raid-Pearl Harbor: The Story of December 7, 1941, “Lockard and Elliot were…

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  • 291st Engineer Battalion

    Of all the Engineer units in the United States Army during World War II there was one that stands out the most to historians and engineers alike. The 291st Engineer Combat Battalion was one of the most decorated engineer combat battalions of the United States Army during World War II. With notable success throughout the entirety of the war. However the most notable accomplishments of this unit connect it to two of the most critical battles of the war and has been said to contribute to the…

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