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  • Operation Jackpot Essay

    After Operation Searchlight and the brutal genocide led by Lt. Gen. Tikka Khan on the masses of the Bengali (East Pakistani) people on the night of 25th March 1971, a chronic uproar resulted in the next day of 26th March, and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s declaration of independence was broadcasted all over the country. On 27th March, Major Ziaur Rahman, the commander of the East Bengal Regiment in Chittagong, broadcasted two declarations on behalf of Sheikh Mujib stating himself as the temporary Head…

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  • Discourse Community In Law Enforcement Essay

    The law enforcement profession is essential to our society and without it...things would mostly likely be chaotic. The main goal in law enforcement is to protect property, life, and to sustain our nation’s constitution. There are multiple agencies in law enforcement, for example; Federal Police, Military Police, Police department, Private police, Secret Police, and State Police. We depend on this professional field to make us feel safe and to lessen the actions of violence in our society. To…

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  • Comparison Of I Have A Dream And Martin Luther King's Speech

    today. The same way Dr. King motivated African American to fight against segregation, Colonel Murphy also motivated his students to do their best in every aspect of their lives. Before leaving Valley Forge Colonel Murphy said “When it is time for you to leave this school, leave your job, or even leave this earth, you make sure you have worked hard to make sure it mattered you were ever here” (Moore 133). Colonel motivated his cadets to do things that will leave a legacy wherever they go. In…

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  • The Alamo Battle Analysis

    from 23 February 1836 to 6 March 1836. It was one of first battles of the Texas War for Independence. The war transpired from October 1835 to April 1836. During the battle for the Alamo, a small group of Texas defenders led by Colonel James Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis fought a large contingent of the Mexican Army led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Hickman (2015) states that in late autumn of 1835, a small group of Texas rebels surrounded the…

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  • Reflection Of The Movie The Patriot

    the Crown. In Charleston, South Carolina, they voted in agreement on a Levy that would initiate the war with Britain. However, Benjamin Martin did not vote for the Continental Army. (11) When the battleground of the war reaches his front door step, Colonel William Tavington killed Thomas, one of his sons, in cold blood. Following this event, Martin’s oldest son was abducted and dragged through the dirt to be hung at a later time. Martin arms himself with his hidden away hatchet, knives and guns…

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  • Arguments Against Women In The Military

    Women in combat arguments analysis In the viewpoint, “There Are Many Reasons to Oppose Gender Neutrality in the Military,” Mackubin Thomas Owens argues against women in the military based on three factors: 1. Physical differences 2. Men treat women differently than they treat other men 3. The presence of women leads to double standards Physical differences According to Owens, women are not as strong as men which places them at a “distinct” disadvantage when it comes to…

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  • Battle Of Little Bighorn Analysis

    7th cavalry regiment, led by Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer, and a mixture of Lakota Sioux and Northern Cheyenne Native Americans which took place from June 25th to June 26th of 1876. Leading up to the battle, Lieutenant Colonel Custer, who once praised a Native American for his skillful way of killing a man with his pistol and then simply paying for his funeral, had invaded…

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  • Military Leadership: Colin Powell A Military Leader

    Have you ever thought about being a military leader? You’re reading the right passage. Here is someone you can look up to, one of America’s greatest leaders, Colin Powell. Today in history Colin Powell is known to be a kind, smart, generous, and brave human being. Powell’s successful career is proof of his hard work and diligence. He served in the US Army and was eventually the US Secretary of State. This is a highly honored position appointed by the President. Colin Powell was…

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  • George Washington's Role In Ending The American Revolution

    Hessian force at Trenton numbered 1,400 under the leadership of Colonel Johann Rall. Although Rall had received warnings of colonial movements, his men were exhausted and unprepared for Washington’s attack—though rumors that they were drunk from Christmas celebrations are unfounded. As he approached the town, Washington divided his men, sending flanking columns under General Nathaniel Greene and General John Sullivan. Meanwhile, Colonel Henry Knox’s cannons fired on the garrison. Rall attempted…

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  • Slavery: Problems Leading To The Civil War

    The Civil War reduced sectional antagonism and made the United States truly ‘one nation.’ This sectional antagonism was problems that led to the Civil War. Slavery was a big lead to the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln thought that sectionalism shouldn’t exist among the people in the United States. As the war continued it reduced sectionalism of the people in the South. President of the United States forced an end to the existing rebellion. Abraham Lincoln didn’t want sectionalism to come among the…

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