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  • Storytelling And Witchery In Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony

    After reading the book Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko, it is clear to see that she had involved a lot of elements throughout this literature. Storytelling and witchery, which are two of the most important elements in the book, have helped people bond, made them suffer from their own believes, and illustrated how modern scientific knowledge eventually takes over traditions. Storytelling is a part of the Indians’ tradition. Different stories that explained why and how things are the ways they…

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  • Louise Erdrich's Tracks

    In Louise Erdrich’s enthralling novel Tracks, Pauline Puyat is a young woman of Chippewa and Canadian descent. Throughout the course of the story, it is abundantly clear that Pauline wishes nothing more than to shed her Native American culture. Instead of embracing her Chippewa roots, she wants be like her mother, “who showed her half-white”, and her grandfather, who was “pure Canadian” (Erdrich 14). While it is easy for the reader to assume that Pauline is willingly rejecting her Chippewa…

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  • Case Study: Columbia Broadcasting System

    creation, and propagation of a television content, a film studio, publishing house, TV and radio stations, interactive media and the outdoor advertising including a network of television announcement CBS Television Network. It was founded in 1971. Leslie Moonves is its President and the CEO; the company currently has around 17,300 employees. The objective of the Company is optimization of the financial results in each direction of activities and achievement of effective interoperability between…

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  • Early Childhood Attachment Analysis

    The Effects of Early Childhood Attachments On the evening of the Genovese murder in 1964, an eyewitness and neighbor, before calling police, telephoned a friend in nearby Nassau County to ask his opinion as to whether he should get involved (Gado, 2014, pp 1-12). Unthinkable to many, relying on someone else’s response as a basis for action or approval during a crisis is a normal occurrence. It is important to note, Forsyth (2014) found these actions were not associated with a lack of apathy or…

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