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  • Mesopotamia Economic Development

    Over the course of history, a number of items have impacted society. The economical development and growth of society has been influenced by several things. Agriculture and trade has had a tremendous impact on the economic development and growth of society. One such area that has been impacted is that of Mesopotamia, which is Greek for land between rivers. This is now modern day Iraq. The civilizations that make up the Mesopotamia are the Upbraid, Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian and…

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  • Portraiture In Ancient Egypt

    Midterm Portraiture in ancient Egypt stood as still in history as it does today. Figures were made to represent and embody the person they portrayed. Looking upon ancient Egyptian statues today transcends back into the time they were actually built. Each mimicked another throughout centuries of unbroken tradition standing still and strong. Very few rulers broke away from Egyptian paradigm. Ancient Egyptian portraits were created to serve the ruler of the period. They stood tall and shadowed…

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  • Importance Of Crowns In Ancient Egypt

    In Ancient Egypt, jewelry and crowns were a big part of the Egyptians culture, and were very important to all Egyptians. Many figures were found on jewelry and crowns, the most common ones being animals, plants, gods, and goddesses. There were three main styles of crowns, the Red Crown, the White Crown, and the Double Crown. Crowns were worn in order to display one’s power, status, and authority. Different people wore these crowns, like pharaohs and Ancient Egyptian gods. Unlike crowns, jewelry…

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  • How The Pyramids Shaped Ancient Egypt

    About 3,500 years. Some 600 miles up the Nile valley, south of Cairo, you come upon the Valley of the Kings. Here the pharaohs made secret tombs in the sides of mountains. The Valley of the Kings is one of the most isolated spots on earth. Almost nothing grows there – no tree, no shrub, no blade of grass. The sun hits down from an everlastingly clear sky whose bright blue is the only colour divergence to the dull, constant dark gold rock and sand, hills and valley floor. All along the desert…

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  • Ziggurat Research Paper

    Centuries ago in the bleak desert of Samaria, an ancient tribe of people fought to survive, in order to insure thier spiritual nourishment, they built massive structures. This structure was as tall as 8 story buildings, made from mud brick cooked by the sun, and was of legendary proportions. This monumental structure was called the ziggurat. This massive structure was erected to the gods of sumeria. Sacrifices, offerings, and all in between happened in this temple. Let’s delve deep into the…

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  • The Tale Of Sinuhe: Ideological Underpinning Of Authority In Ancient Egypt

    because ancient Egyptians were very religious. The funeral system in The Tale of Sinuhe suggests the strict Egyptian religious practices. “A funeral procession will be made for you on the day of joining the earth, with a mummy case of gold, a mask of lapis lazuli----and the offering invocation recited for you; sacrifices will be made at the mouth of your offering chapel.”7 Egyptians believe the eternity life after a person’s death, the tombs need to be carefully decorated and the funerals need…

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  • Theme Of Wisdom In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    Enkido and their deep friendship by behaving as Enkido was still alive. Also, the quotation also proves that Gilgamesh was courageous enough to run in the wild. What’s more, Gilgamesh showed his treasures such as “a flask of lapis,” “a flute of carnelian,” and “a chair of lapis lazuli” to gods so that Enkido could have a better life after he died (Tablet VIII, 143, 147, 152). With the help of above-mentioned actions and quotations, we can see that Anna Lai is a woman wisdom who is the same as…

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  • Epic Of Gilgamesh Creation Story Essay

    The creation story, along with many other stories of the bible are not clear black and white of what can be considered right and wrong. This grey area is not only present in the story of Noah and the ark but also in other accounts such as, the Epic of Gilgamesh. Many scholars hold a belief that the story of Noah found in Genesis 6-9 and the Epic of Gilgamesh found in Israelite literature are accounts that have significant parallels. In the beginning of each story, the one deity or the gods…

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  • Head Of King Userkaf Summary

    Formal Visual Analysis of Head of King Userkaf The sculpture titled Head of King Userkaf is a naturalistic sculpture made from limestone in the likeness of King Userkaf, the first king to rule at the start of Dynasty five in Egypt1. The piece is rigid and broken at the base of the neck, suggesting that it is a fragment of the full original sculpture, which most likely would have included the king’s entire body. Additionally, cracks on the top part of the sculpture suggests that it had been…

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  • Feast Of The Gods Analysis

    painting. During the time of the creation of this painting pigments available to artist were pigments such as ultramarine, lead-tin-yellow, malachite, verdigris and vermilion. Ultramarine is a deep blue pigment which was originally made by grinding lapis lazuli(deep blue stone) into a powder. Lead-tin-yellow is a yellow pigment also known as "Yellow of Old Masters". Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. Verdigris is a green pigment made through a process which that occurs when…

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