The Ancient Egyptian Gods

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They believed in many different gods and goddesses. They believe that the gods are with them thought out the day. They pray to their gods and give gifts to keep them happy with the people. The gods have different names to represent what they are the god for and the king of all gods is Amun Ra. The most important gods are worshiped by priest & priestess. Temples were seen as homes for the gods and not for the commoners around them.
Every single day the priest would have a ceremonies to honor Gods and Goddess. The priests cleansed themselves before the ceremonies in the temples sacred lake. They perfume the air with holy water before the shrine. Millions visit the temples.
The ancient egypts deeply believed in the afterlife. They went to great
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There are jobs like artisans, carpenters, and stonemasons. The artisans made objects for the dead and the living. The carpenters had to do roofing, and used tools like saws, axes, and chisels.
Artisans and craftsman were said to have the same job and skill. Ancient Egypt art was not for beauty, but it was for the combination of life.
Jewellers and craftsmen made jewelry out of gold, stones, and glass. Those jewelry pieces were necklaces, bracelets, and collars. (My own words) At the top of the social triangle is the Pharaoh, then vizier, then scribes, craftsmen, artisans, and traders, then at the bottom are farmers underneath them were the peasants and slaves.
The royal women commonly married someone in their family, so that the family stays pure royal. One king (or Pharaoh) had 8 wives and hundreds of children. Kings had plenty of wives and the royal family was a huge family. Not all women had children with the king. Some were engaged in spinning and
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When the Egypt were on the boat to pick up their goods they had to empty it and the others used a cart to put the goods on the boat.
The ancient egyptians had many different routes to get trades. They had to get all of their trades from the different countries. They made roads to get to and from the trading place.There was a clay slab found with three different writing styles, it was called to rosetta stone. They different writing styles were hieroglyphs, Egyptian, and Greek they found out what it said by reading and understanding Greek.(My own writing)
Egyptians used symbols in place of letters it’s called hieroglyphs. Some hieroglyphs are straight vertical lines for numbers. They wrote from top to bottom, or right to left. Human or animals’ face to where the line starts that why the reader knows where to

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