L'Anse aux Meadows

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  • How Did Christopher Columbus Discovered America

    It has been widely accepted that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. There is undisputable evidence which proves that in fact, other civilizations had first sailed to the Americas. Some of those civilizations are the Viking/Norse and the Polynesians. Who was Christopher Columbus? Columbus was an Italian navigator, who sailed westward across the Atlantic, in his search of new routes to Asia. During the voyage, he indeed reached land, but it was no Asia. He landed on what is known today…

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  • Nordic Seafarer: The Vikings

    like Vinland and L'Anse, they became aware of a native people in the area. Archeologists theorize these people were either the early Eskimos or Thule Inuits, who were a nomadic group that travelled throughout the Arctic Circle in search of whales for food; therefore, they were well adapted to the harsh Arctic climate (Berman). Erik the Red found evidence of a native group on his first expedition to Greenland, and Lief made contact with natives in 1001 during his exploration of L'Anse and…

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  • William Fitzhugh On The Vikings

    past reports from Iceland gave enough evidence for an actual Viking settlement to be discovered, “But archeology is actually proving that a lot of these stories have a good basis in fact, so much so that Helge Ingstad could use them to find the L'Anse aux Meadows site [an archeological site in Newfoundland believed to have been a Viking settlement]" (PBS.com). This discovery of a Viking settlement proves the theory that the Vikings actually settled into many different regions. While literature…

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  • Erikson's Influence On The Vikings

    The Vikings uncommon military tactics along with their strong willed shieldmaidens often intimidated Frankish rulers, many Frankish rulers would even to pay off the Vikings in hopes of preventing farther attacks on their subjects. This did backfire on what is now Paris, in 841CE Frankish King Charles payed a Viking leader 7000 livres of silver and gold for the freedom of Paris, this would be the equivalent of 17,429.30US dollars (without inflation). After hearing tales of how generous the…

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  • The Vinland Saga

    Greenlanders and Eirik the Red’s Saga – which recount the discovery and attempted settlement of what is now North America. These sagas which have long been thought of as unreliable historic accounts, are being re-examined after the discovery of L’Anse aux Meadows, a Norse settlement in Canada. Although they are invaluable resources that have provided us with a deeper understanding of Norse exploration, the stories the sagas recount are simply too ambiguous to be considered a factual primary…

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  • Who Were The Vikings Analysis

    The Vikings Ruthless Raiders or Crafty Survivalists Upon review of the interview with archeologist William Fitzhugh, Who Were the Vikings?, one has to wonder if the long standing view of the Vikings as ruthless raiders is an accurate description. Fitzhugh argues that the Vikings, while a ruthless band, were in fact fighting for their own survival as best they could. He presents a picture of the Vikings as Scandinavian peoples who have garnered a biased narrative. This narrative is characterized…

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  • The True Meaning Of A Vikings: Who Were The Vikings

    Vikings who were led by Leif Ericson, successor to Erik the Red who was an extremely courageous leader, reached to North America before Christopher Columbus set foot in America and they had set up very short lived settlements in present-day L'Anse aux Meadows, and Labrador, which is found in Canada. Viking expansion into continental Europe was very limited due to the fact that their realm was bordered by powerful…

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  • How Did Christopher Columbus Founded America First

    Is it true that Leif Eriksson founded America 500 years before Columbus did? Christopher Columbus “founded” America in 1492, but was he really the first? There has been much controversy on who discovered America first. For many the answer to the question is easy: Christopher Columbus, because that is what we were taught growing up, but for some, the answer is not as easy to answer. Some believe that Leif Eriksson and the Vikings arrived in North America 500 years before Columbus did.…

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  • Brief Summary: The Voyage Of Christopher Columbus

    On Oct. 12, 1492 Columbus found an island with his three ships. This happened after about a two month voyage on his way to the West, coming from Spain. Columbus thought that they people he ran into were not so wealthy, he thought they were poor inside and out. He saw them as neither white nor black. The poor people did not know what weapons were when Columbus had showed them. Columbus thought that these people he had run into looked great as servants. He thought of this because he noticed…

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