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  • Media Ethical Dilemmas

    carefully choreographed to attract the attention of the electronic media and the international press. Terrorism is aimed at the people watching, not at the actual victims.” This makes the coverage of such attacks a pressing concern for modern day journalists. Focusing on past and present attacks around the globe, this essay will break down the specific legal and ethical issues that reporters would…

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  • Community Media Gatekeeping

    Gate-keeping and community Community media outlets make a gate-keeping decision each time a determination is made whether or not to publish UGC either online or in print. Media gatekeeping relates to the decisions made by journalists about what to publish, without consideration of why those decisions were made (Bass, 1969; White, 1997; Shoemaker & Vos, 2009). However, community media have traditionally made the decision to publish UGC, at least in print (Byerly, 1961; Lauterer, 2006). Community…

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  • Warman Vs. Fournier Case Study

    was considered; but what constitutes as a substantial amount, or how do you define what is qualitatively important? Bob Tarantino states in his analysis of the Warman v. Fournier case, “no precise answer is possible” (5). Practically speaking, a journalist could ‘summarize’ a large amount of a work and it could count as fair dealing, or use small amount of excerpts from a work and it could be classified as an infringement because the definition of substantiality is not defined. Michael Geist…

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  • Media Literacy Project: Social Media And Its Impact On Journalism

    For our media literacy project, we decided to focus on social media and its impact on journalism. Social media plays a huge part in modern society, and it has affected many things; be it positive or negative. For journalists it has also had good and bad outcomes. Journalists have had to adapt to our changing culture by understanding the value social media has in regards to today’s news. Social media has changed many aspects of journalism. Now, for the consumer, sharing news has become more…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Visual Media

    Many journalists believe that “emotional power can be harnessed” through visual media. One real-life journalist believes that television news has the power of “connect[ing] with the viewer’s heart” through storytelling. This charismatic, heroic image of the journalist is often portrayed in popular culture: a visual media that promotes accuracy and fairness while championing conscientiousness. But popular culture also reveals an unflattering side of visual media that can abuse its power to…

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  • Football Boyfriend Case Study Essay

    a major story in the media at the time, journalists were afraid to speak up on the “red flags” they noticed or were too lazy to do research of their own. The journalists must have taken the public information regarding Kekua from other articles, without doing fact-checks of their own. The only journalists in the situation who behaved ethically were Dickey and Burke. For a simple feeling of skepticism opened up an entire new story. If I were any journalist involved in writing on Te’o and Kekua, I…

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  • Free Press Silencing Of Democracy

    chaos. Honestly though, people around the globe would have no idea how to talk to one another, no idea when the next big social event was happening at a university, and most importantly, no idea what is going on in the world around us. Censoring of journalists is a topic that has been surrounded with much debate because they play such an evident and important role in our lives, which cannot be denied. While being imperative to our society, the government interference with the media has the…

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  • The Importance Of The Real Life Journalism

    It is also favorable for a journalist to be naturally curious and interested in news and current event. Most assignments will be done alone but it is important to be able to work well both alone and with a team. Job duties could include finishing a writing assignment in a short amount…

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  • Do People Use Hidden Cameras Ethical?

    Everyone has the right to privacy. However, if it is done without the other party’s knowledge, does it count as invading one’s privacy? The ethics of journalists using hidden cameras to report people smugglers comes back around to whether the usage is necessary and if it is morally right. I agree to the use of hidden cameras to a certain extent. People smugglers consists of both groups and individuals who assist others to illegally enter a country at a high price through irregular methods—both…

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  • The Relationship Between News And Politics

    political leaders by reporting poll numbers, the journalist may verbally announce their personal opinions or on social media which could cause their followers opinions to sway. Journalist also reports…

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