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  • Farzana Wahidy Analysis

    Farzana Wahidy is a journalist that photographs world events to document cultural content preserving historic evidence. In the gallery presentation, Wahidy revealed that Afghanistan women are treated as second-class citizens. Women were refused to obtain an education, health care, jobs, etc. under the Taliban era. Women are expected to remain at the home and raise children. If women want to go out of their home, they have to be accompanied by a male figure. In Afghanistan, there little to no…

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  • Jean Philippe Tremblay Shadows Of Liberty Analysis

    At the rate of which media consolidation is going, broadcasts and newspapers aren’t even providing news and information anymore, but are more focused on selling their customers products to make more of a profit. Since most of the same corporations own multiple areas of media like television stations, magazines, and newspapers, they are all geared to make more profit as they all lie in the same market. One way is cross promotion and cross production (online database). Cross production and…

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  • Serial Killers: A Short Story

    I began to yawn uncontrollably on the way there, which apparently is what dogs do when anxious - they yawn uncontrollably. Once I arrived, the staff took me through gate after gate until, eventually, we got to the wellness center – the place where you get to meet the patients. It looks eerily like nice but not so nice hotel. Everything is beige and peach and calming colors. The only things that stood out was the neon red of the panic buttons on the walls. The patients started wandering in; they…

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  • How Children Succeed By Paul Tough: Article Analysis

    and couldn’t find my parents. This incident triggered an instant fear when I was young and didn’t know where my parents were. I always thought I would have to go through the same stress I went through when I lost them if I did get lost again. The journalist Paul Tough talks about an opposite problem that made me remembered my own issue in his book How Children succeed. He talks about how parents being attached to their children would affect their future. Even though, I have always found myself…

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  • Introduction: Making Climate Change Understandable By Doughman Summary

    out of 10 people are aware of the effects of climate change. While it may be right that climate change is a topic that is rarely mentioned in the media, DiMento and Doughman demonstrate that the journalist have published articles in journals trying to draw the public attention. However, even when journalists publish articles publicizing climate change as a problem the readers simply disregard it. In addition, a sub claim that is presented in the article is that there is a lack of agreement…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Shetopia By Sally Han

    Gender stereotype is a prevalent issue in America and all over the world. The portrayal of men and women minorities in media has received considerable attention over the decade. Men are stereotyped as strong, independent, emotionless, goal-oriented and agented whereas, women are stereotyped as interdependent, communal, sensitive, and oriented towards others. The gender bias seen in the media affects the viewers in some way or another. I chose the ad song “Shetopia” by Sally Hansen, because it…

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  • Difference Between Social Media And Traditional Media

    by waiting to go to print on newspaper. Journalists as well as the citizen also can obtain news by social media. According to Van Den Hurk (2013), during a disaster or superstorm, the power of spread of social media becomes significant. Although it seems that the credibility of traditional media is better than social media, the speed of spread of traditional media is lower than social media. According to Van Den Hurk (2013), there are some citizen journalists reporting news as it is replacing…

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  • Ten Foolproof Factors For Successful Value Investing

    Don 't allow yourself to get caught up in the media hype. Be able to assess the main drivers of a business and have the discipline to ignore the remaining noise. Only let the media inform you, not instruct your investment decision. Let journalists be journalists, not stock picks. Discipline investors don 't chase after the current investment fad of the day or what may be popular on Wall Street. Disciplined investors don 't abandon an investment at the first sign of trouble. 4. Profitability:…

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  • Women In The Girl Effect

    How does the world see women? The unfortunate answer is that not everywhere, but in numerous different countries women are seen as inferior and not seen as equals to men, including the U.S. Women are not paid as much as men, they experience more violent and sexual harassment, and in other countries, having a son is actually seen as better than having a daughter. In "The Girl Effect," written by Nicholas D. Kristof and his wife Sheryl WuDunn, the couple addresses the issues of discrimination and…

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  • Disadvantages Of Co-Leadership

    Co-leadership has some advantages and disadvantages in work and can leads for lots of advantages in work. Co-leadership will ensure the variety of information which will enrich the work with more skills and proficiency accessibility of range of skills and more creation and innovation in work Strengths co-leadership idea and weaknesses of it and my favor for it .Strengths co-leadership idea, it is valauble to have lots of experiences and more ideas in work, work of two parties can have more…

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