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  • Broadcast Journalism Essay

    Van Der Haak, 2012). Furthermore, the development of digital technologies have lead to convergence of media outlets, integrating multimedia; thus, the journalists themselves…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Sports Journalism

    lot of time, effort, and work to be successful at it. Some journalists use cold, hard facts, while others try to create rumors to formulate interesting articles. Despite different strategies some columnists use, the best sports journalists build ethos through making accurate reports, creating topics that are not only controversial, but also debatable, and providing reliable statistics writing about topics. By using these approaches journalists are able to gain a wide fan base and publish popular…

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  • Implication Of Social Media In Journalism

    Implications of social media on providing information for journalists As sourcing is a crucial part in the process of journalistic practice, the way how journalists get the news sources can impact practical issues in making news and reflect the power relations in social situations. However, newsgathering seems to be neglected sometimes by scholarship as what Rupar (2006: 127) illustrated that “it seldom gets more than recognition as a technique”. Harcup (2004) argued that the tweets which…

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  • Analysis Of The Man With The Muck

    uprising from the people. During the Progressive Era these events included yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is defined as a type of reporting that includes obscene exaggeration. The journalists responsible for yellow journalism are muckrakers. This term was coined by Theodore Roosevelt and can be described as journalists that focus on the ‘muck’, or bad parts, of society and publish it so the public is aware of how brutal things really are. The reason for Roosevelt’s speech, “The Man With…

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  • E. G. Code Of Ethics In The Military

    Is it ethical for media outlets to use footage taken by soldiers and militias on the battlefield? What journalism guidelines and principles would you use in making your decision? (E.g. codes of ethics; philosophical principles). I believe it is ethical for media outlets to use battlefield footage from both sides of the battle and many scholars would agree with me. In chapter 8 of the textbook, it says, “Scholars such as John C. Merrill (1974) assert that the First Amendment should be…

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  • Social Media Research Paper

    about political ideas and organize quickly. It also allows journalists to see how other people think and the opinions they have. Journalist can rely heavily on social media. Social media…

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  • Buzzfeeed Research Paper

    values have shifted dramatically since the rise of online media. Following this phenomenon, there is the quick development of what we now know as citizen journalism. This allows the general public to share news instantly without being a professional journalist. However, the term has created many debates in this field as it there is a fine line between being a professional and being a citizen. The added aspect of online media makes it harder for people to pick a side. Citizen journalism does in…

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  • Difference Between Journalism And Public Relations Industry

    Public relations professionals pitch several stories to journalists who then ultimately have a say in whether or not the story gets air time while journalists can approach public relations professionals for quotes or inside details as public relations professionals have the insider scoops. In conclusion, public relations and journalism are two very different…

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  • Summary Of Journalist's Story

    Journalist’s Story Summary The journalist in this article claims that, based on the research of the scientific article, the public views creativity as being linked to masculine traits (e.g., being risky and daring). This, based again on research, suggests that in many realms of the job force, the work done by men is more likely to be viewed as being more creative and desirable than the work done by females. Therefore, the journalist’s claim is associative because the journalist states, “Men more…

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  • Muckrakers Argumentative Essay

    freedom to roam even the emptiest corners of the internet. Journalists, especially, use the vast internet to their benefit. Many journalists research and learn about specific people and what terrible things they’ve done and expose their wrongdoings to the world. They are often referred…

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