Persuasive Essay On Fake News

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Today’s society is entering an era where everyday citizens are unable to trust news sources. The news media is a major tool that helps individuals make informed conclusions towards issues of the modern era. However, only recently has the term “fake news” been a problem to society. As society has progressed, the news industries have seen conflict throughout the years, even before the modern era. The effect of “fake news” can vary as the subject matter changes. Many debate on the main cause of “fake news”, which can be broken down into two parts: the amplifier and the underlying cause. Although, “fake news” can be dangerous, it can be avoided if steps are in place.
As everyone knows the term “news” is to receive new information. In today’s
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The first and most important option is the social responsibility of the person. In “People Blame Facebook for Fake News and Partisan Bile. They’re Wrong”, the article describes the effect as “the dangers of complacency where democratic habits are concerned.” This quote demonstrates that when people become complacent in news or democracy drastic problems arise. It is the citizen’s social responsibility to the country to verify information before influence others on their social platform. The second option is for social media sites to filter out fake news from their websites. This can be a problem due to the first amendment right to free speech. The best way is describe in the article named “ Fake News on Social Media”, which says “ the role of the Internet sites and search engines in driving news toward trusted sources, increasing fact checking, and improving algorithms to decrease the likelihood of users encountering false news.” This help displays different ways social sites like Facebook can prevent the spread of fake news. As technologies evolve so does the need for news reform. While these examples are good steps towards having information verified and distributing a social responsibility between social sites and

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