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  • Independent Collegian Reflection

    writer’s workshop, I was able to meet other staff members of the paper along with students that possessed great interest in newspaper writing. I was very surprised to discover that one of them happened to be a science major that wanted to incorporate journalism and writing into this career field. This showed me that it doesn’t particularly matter what major you are declared as or what you want to study in the future, writing will always be a vital skill for someone to have under their belt.…

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  • Stereotypes In Newspapers

    “There were three rules for reporters: ‘Accuracy, accuracy and accuracy.” - Joseph Pulitzer (1847–1911) Introduction Media shares stories, records history and projects reality. Therefore, Journalists have been provided with a certain code of ethics that would inform people rather than inflame them to create chaos. To inform, educate and to entertain have always been the three basic functions of media. This paper puts forward a case where a Hasidic Weekly newspaper named Der Tzeitung, based in…

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  • Concentrated Ownership

    Ownerships exist in all types of businesses, including the newspaper industry. Concentrated ownership in the field of newspapers can be defined as the extreme control of a newspaper firm by the insiders (manager, BOD, etc.) Ownerships have been changing significantly for more than 60 years in Canada and has been effecting the Canadian society as a whole. The journals and articles by Kelly Blidook, Joseph Jackson, Minelle Mahtani, David Skinner, Water Soderlund are relevant and useful to the…

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  • Niche News: The Politics Of News Choice By Natalie Stroud

    In Niche News: The Politics of News Choice by Natalie Stroud investigates how people choices where they want to go for the news and the political implications that their choice ultimately entails. In spite of the conventional and true way of thinking about media utilization isolating along generational or political lines, to a great extent figures out where individuals go to find out about events. One generation has a tendency to depend on print, another on TV and still another the web, the…

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  • Free Press Silencing Of Democracy

    The Free Press: Silencing of Democracy A world without media would be a world of mass chaos. Honestly though, people around the globe would have no idea how to talk to one another, no idea when the next big social event was happening at a university, and most importantly, no idea what is going on in the world around us. Censoring of journalists is a topic that has been surrounded with much debate because they play such an evident and important role in our lives, which cannot be denied. While…

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  • What Role Does Music Play In Writing

    Everyone has their own strategies on how to start writing a major paper or even a simple response to a question. No matter what it is, there is always one way that is liked more than another. Although, what is the role that music plays in the writing process? Is it good or bad or is it neither? Even with a strict outline in one’s hand, music might squeeze its way into that outline without even being reconsidered. But, what is music? Music consists of sounds, silence, words, chorus, rhythms and…

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  • Agenda Setting Theory

    Media is an ever-changing field that has an important influence on societies around the world. The media has made individuals aware of many the social problems throughout the world like poverty, drug use, crime, homelessness, racism, etc. While this may be a good tool to use, media can also affect individual’s beliefs, attitudes, tastes, politics, and way of life. In today’s contemporary society, the mass media serves as a powerful socializing agent. This is why I believe the agenda setting…

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  • Essay About A Defining Moment

    In my mind I thought I knew who I was; I was a journalist. By my senior year I had been involved in journalism for four years and even had professional experience. I made journalism my life by learning all the AP Style rules, improving my grammar like my life depended on it and appreciating good writing. I did all this because I knew that journalism was what I wanted to do, but as you said our professions do not define us, and I am more than a journalist. If I were asked to…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Amusing Ourselves To Death

    Trighton Warren Mrs. Grilli AP Lang Period 3 3 August 2015 “Amusing Ourselves to Death” Summer Assignment When writing any novel, the first chapter is extremely important because it must be written in such a way that it gives the reader a reason to read the book. In “Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business” by Neil Postman, Postman effectively uses different rhetorical devices to get his message across. In Postman’s first chapter, “The Medium is the Metaphor”,…

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  • The Culture Industry Analysis

    atrocities and made them into ideas and stereotypes to insert whimsically into popular shows (such as Family Guy and Criminal Minds) and other mass media, ready to be consumed and to further distort the mindset of society. The new addition of citizen journalism also…

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