Media And Gun Laws

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Media is a powerful source in manipulating people in thinking a certain way. It is inevitable not to hear or see the news, protests, violence, ads, and especially gun law topic. Media is popular in our society and when there is a burden of a situation media brings up discussions and questioning if the laws are well written or need modifications. This is where the politics are targets and making them question the constitutional amendment of gun laws. To influence the public, they discuss the facts of tragedy for a week or so to make public causing debate among citizens. Media is a transmitter to the society and flows into the people’s minds to shape their way of thinking. The Second Amendments allows citizens the right to bear arms. Gun …show more content…
Media also mentions that gun control is not the solution to the violence. “News media framing of serious mental illness and support for gun violence prevention proposals”1. (McGinty et. al.). Through all the shooting situations, viewers are influenced by the media that these people committing crimes with a gun have serious issues and that it is not a gun issue. As viewers see or hear this opinions, they either are influence to think that it's a gun issue or mental issue. There are articles where they state that most of the shootings that are happening and the assassin have mental issues. In social media, there are pictures of individuals and families supporting the gun laws and by demonstrating this they are holding rifles in their hands. Doing this, the message is clear that they support gun laws and influence other individuals to do the same and pose with an arsenal of guns or rifles. Regarding the speech of President Trump, due to all this massacres, protests, and burden of families on media, he suggested the right for the teachers to carry a weapon on school campus. Mr. Trump stated, “You give them a little bit of a bonus, so practically for free, you have now made the school into a hardened target,” (NY Times). By having stated this, guns may also be allowed in areas where they were restricted. This is a way of supporting the protestors of their gun rights and trying to enforce this

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