Social Media's Negative Effects On Psychological Health

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Media is one of the ways of communication in today’s century. It is widely used in societies everyday living. Media could influence society both negatively and positively. Overexposure to media can cause information overload, but with the right use leads to a global exchange in information. The reason we have to be aware in the way we use the media.

According to Malani Oak (2016), one negative effect of media is that it may affect a person’s health and lifestyle. Since we all know that using media is quite entertaining to use we cant can’t help but to get addictive to it. And we tend to spend too much hours using it. But because of too much exposure to media especially in television, it causes an eye problem. And because of lack of physical
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Since people nowadays spend more time in using media. It is not impossible that media might affect our psychological health. Based on the article of Caitlin Probst (2015), one of the reason it affects our psychological health, is because media often compare people’s lives to other. Because people nowadays are very cautious on how they look or how are things going. Especially when you use social media, you can’t help but to see other people from your news feed. It will sometimes have a negative effect on …show more content…
In media there are a lot of information sources. But we are not highly sure if these are 100% fact. It is hard to identify if these sources is either right or wrong. Based on Malani Oak (2016), media is continuously bombarding us with information. Because we can now get much information, from many different people. It is hard to know if these are real or not. But since many people today, tend to rely almost everything they get from media. They don’t even bother if this kind of information is fact. There are also people who created such untruthful facts just to be noticed by other. The reason they make up stories and made them look real.

By using this unpublished material, it help us researchers to finish and fully elaborate the negative effects of media. We can also conclude that media also has a negative effect in our society. That not everything that is in the media is helpful for us.

That media can also bring danger to our health. It could also ruin our healthy lifestyle. We should not be carried away on the things that are seen on the media. We should be wise and also think of our own health. We should always remember that there is no good effect in spending too much time using media.

We should also always remember that we should be more careful on the things we share or post on media. Just like what they always say, you have to think first before posting something. Because we never know what harm could lead us. We should

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